Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Random} Wednesday Lovin' ...

It's been awhile since I wrote a non-themed Wednesday post .... and seeing as how my mind isn't all too focussed this week, it seems like a good week to bring random back! :-)
Here goes!
  • I'm lovin' that there are only 13 days of school left! ....though I think I'm in denial that my kinder cuties are leaving me forever. :(
  • I'm lovin' all of the TV finales from last night!  .... except .... 3 things.  First -- did they really all need to be on the SAME NIGHT...?  Second -- how does one choose between Scotty and Lauren?  And third -- what the heck am I gonna watch on TV now???  (Oh, wait!  The Bachelorette just started and So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow!  Problem solved. :-) 
  • I'm lovin' the Oprah tributes this week (though I'm NOT lovin' that she's leaving her show!!!) ... I have watched in awe and amazement as Oprah has done so many phenomenal things over the last last 25 years.  I don't think you could watch her and not be inspired in some way.  It was a lifelong goal of mine to be in the audience for one of her shows, (in particular, one of these shows): 
..... but I guess that ain't gonna happen now.  Bummer. :(
  • I'm lovin' this wicker baby I scored at an antique shop last weekend .... for 20 BUCKS!  Just wait 'til I sick my spray paint on her!  (I'll be sure to show you the results!)

  • I'm lovin' that in just 10 short days, I'll be in Seattle for my very first blogging conference! 

  • I'm lovin' that Fun-day Friday is growing every week .... I sure hope I see YOU link up your FUN projects, activities, and ideas this week!
  • I'm lovin' that ......
..... and he's also RIGHT all the time.  He's God, after all.  :-)

  • And last but not least, I'm lovin' the blessing of this precious girl (and her best friend, Stella:-).

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  1. I am not loving that Oprah is leaving either! SAD FACE. She had a great run though. Great find at the antique store! $20 is a steal for that awesome piece.

    Delighted Momma

  2. Have fun at the conference and I am all about the finales too!

  3. I cant want to hear all about the conference! I really do want to go to Blissdom when it comes back to Nashville!! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Sad about Oprah also! Have fun at your conference! Happy Wednesday!

  5. 20 dollars? ARE YOU SERIOUS? More wanting to come shopping with you!!

  6. Love that wicker chair! I've been wanting one for our porch and didn't think to look there. Thanks for the tip! :)

    Happy Wedesday!

  7. I'm loving your loves! I so would have liked to be on one of Oprah's shows when she gave our all the amazing gifts :)

    I wish I was going to the blogging conference too!

  8. I just love wicker!!!!

    You are loving some great things today! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  9. I had the same problem deciding what to watch last night!! But I am so amped for so you think you can dance.

  10. I was thinking the same thing last night all these finales what am I going to watch but I'll be watchin the Bachlorette & So you think you can dance too!

  11. I agree! All on 1 night - really? what that even really needed? And to boot, up here in Vancouver {BC} our Hockey Team {the vancouver canucks} were playing and well that takes priority in my house hold.... so I PVR'd everything!

    Looks like I will be joining you in watching The Bachlorette and So you think you can Dance for the next few months - until baby arrives then Im guessing TV is a thing of the past :)


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  13. So true about all the finales being last night. I'm going to miss American Idol so much :( I wonder whos going to win tonight

  14. Oh what a lovely picture! I envy you getting to go to bloggy bootcamp, maybe one of these days I'll get to go!

  15. Stopping by from Jamie's blog. You have a such a cute blog. Your daughter is adorable. I am also SO excited for SYTYCD to start!


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