Thursday, May 19, 2011

the things she says {Lucy-isms}.... volume 3

She's at it again.
Well, really she never stops - I just have to constantly remind myself to write these things down so I can share them with YOU. :-)

Here's some of Lucy's latest ....

* singing "London Britches Falling Down!" (yep, she means London Bridges:)~

* The other day while we were driving through town, she says "Look Mama, it's a giant candy cane!" ... what was she referring to?  The railroad crossing gates. :-)

* (In her bed) "I get under the cupboards!" (covers)

* "What was I finking?!?" (after being scolded for scrubbing the floor with her toothbrush)  (gross, I know)  (we have several, don't worry...)

* Scott came downstairs, shaking his head the other day ... "She just called me a little poopenheimer!"  And when he responded with surprise, her response:  "Nana says it!"  (yep, that's a Nana word)

* When staying with my sister (her aunt) a couple of weeks ago, she sits down, looks at Stephanie and says "So ... tell me 'bout yourself!"

* "I want some chocolate juice, pwease!" (that would be chocolate milk:)~

* When pulling up to the drive-thru window at our local pizza parlor to pick up our pizza, the girl comes to the window and Lucy pipes up from the back seat, "I would like some money, pwease!"  (maybe she has a future as the world's cutest panhandler...?)

* "I'm so cool, Mama!" (as she paraded around in nothing but a pull-up, party hat, and patent leather shoes)

We're so lucky to have all this free entertainment!!!

I love this girl! .... ketchup face and all! :-)


  1. how cute. zoe is coming up with some crazy things too but its hard to understand sometimes.

  2. Catching up on some Little Lucy Lu this morning after 10 days away! Love the quotes! I need to do this too. Forgive me for being such a continual copy cat!

  3. Too precious! Keep sharing :)

  4. Aren't they hilarious? I just love this stage...I can't BELIEVE what they come up with!! Ally keeps asking me who Lucy is, then I tell her "oh that's Lucy", and she says "we can't be with her", really sad's so stinkin' cute!! I told her some day we might get to be with her!!

  5. You made my day =) Thanks Bef.

    Hi Wucy!!! I wuv you!!

  6. Too cute! I love the britches and cupboards. :) My daughter tried to clean the mud off of a bubble-blowing wand with her toothbrush a couple weeks ago. She's now using an adult toothbrush b/c I keep forgetting to buy another small one for her. I guess I should build my little person toothbrush inventory back up! Thanks for stopping by the S&R weekend hop! Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week!

  7. Love the Lucy isms. Fantastic site you have. I love everything about it. Your stories of your children were amazing.


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