Monday, May 9, 2011

Three things.

1.  The first official Fun-day Friday link party was (kind of) a success!  I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all twenty-one participants ... you are all amazing, wonderful, and awesome.  And even though there were only twenty-one of you ... I promise (at least I hope I promise!) there will be more and more every week ... so PLEASE hang in there with me, OK!?  Eventually, I will feature some Fun Favorites after each party... but until it grows larger, I'm just gonna say -- go check 'em ALL out!  Each one is FUN in it's own way! :-)
If you didn't participate last week, I'd L.O.V.E. for you to join in the FUN this Friday!

2.  My Mother's Day was great .... and memorable.  I got new tires .... so there!  (yep, that's how my husband rolls:)~
{insert sarcasm}
I bet no one else got anything THAT cool.
Well ... they ARE pretty rad tires, in all seriousness, so .... I guess that Lisa Leonard necklace will have to wait 'til next year.
(Oh ... AND helpful husband totally helped me work on my mom cave for several hours on Saturday, so that scores big points, too!)

3.   Speaking of my Mom Cave ... my DIY crafting table - was featured on Tatertots and Jello over the weekend!!!  If you haven't seen it - or don't regularly read that blog, head over there and check it out ... and leave Jen some comment love, too! :-)  She has got one AWESOME blog, for sure!



  1. Yay tires! haha. Oh well. It gets that way in marriage. Hopefully Lucy made you something sweet and homemade though. I am going to link up next week, no matter what! :)Hope you had a great mother's day! :)

  2. Found you on the Mom Blog Monday - hop and am now following! :-) Stop by my blog site if you like.

  3. LOL Your hubby sounds like mine!!! Must be a good ol' country guy!!

  4. Hi! I am your newest follower. Your blog is so cute! I look forward to reading more of your posts. Please come check out my blog and follow me back. I would appreciate it.

  5. New tires...something my husband might do! Following you from the Mom Blog Monday Blog Hop. Would love it if you LIKE my page:


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