Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday Lovin' ... all things turquoise

It's probably not gonna come as a shock to ya'll that I'm loving turquoise today.
After all, if you've been reading along, you know that I've been painting just about everything in sight that color!  My ladder laundry rack, the trunk on my front porch ... even my raised garden beds! :)~

But here are some other amazing turquoise things that I'm LOVIN' on this Wednesday!
I'm loving the turquoise accents in this office/craft space (found on Pinterest!)
I'm loving the contrast of turquoise on the chest amidst the beautiful white in this living room from The Old Painted Cottage.
 I'm loving the tub and the mirror in this bathroom (found at House of Turquoise).
WOW.  I'm loving this turquoise piano from Addicted to Decorating.
(I wish I was brave enough to paint my piano!)
I never think of shopping for furniture there! :)~
I'm loving this GORGeous turquoise ring!

I'm loving this turquoise beaded necklace by Dabby Reid.
(Nordstrom, $158)
I'm loving that my wonderful bloggy friend, Sara, loves turquoise even more than I do, I think!
Check out her awesome pinterest boards, filled with turquoise HERE!
And look at this gorgeous turquoise vintage car print she's giving away on her blog this week!
Go check it out! :-)

And finally, I'm loving these words today .... 
.... very fitting for me this week!

What are YOU loving this Wednesday!?  
Go link up with Jamie and share! :-)

Oh!  And don't forget to go enter my giveaway for Eric Carle books!
AND come back to link up your FUN stuff for Fun-day Friday! :-)


  1. Love the sign at the end!! I needed that too! :)

  2. All great picks, but my heart jumped a beat when I saw that tub. Oh my.

  3. Turquoise is one of my fave colors! I adore the first picture! That would be an amazing office to have!

  4. I'm hopping over from Paisley Passions and your newest follower! I hope you follow back! I can't wait to look around! I'm actually going through a turquoise phase myself!

  5. Your blog is precious!! I love the turquoise necklace! I am going to have to check out your Eric Carle giveaway! I am a teacher and he is one of my favorites!!

  6. Found you from Wandering Wednesday. I am loving that turquoise piano. I am wishing I could paint mine too but I am not that brave. Following you now!

  7. Love the post!! Turquoise is such a great color. And that piano is just beautiful!

    Happy Wednesday!

  8. I've noticed turquoise is coming out in a lot of my scrapbook pages lately! It's just such a great color!

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. love the sign at the end. I love turquoise!

  10. I love turquoise too! It is my favorite color! Great things you are loving today :)

  11. It is really scary how much we have in common. Are you sure we don't have the same mom?? :) I did a whole post on all things turqouise over the winter as I love this color too! I think almost all the jewelry I own is is this color or has some touched of it in there. :)

  12. Wow! I am SOOOOO glad that i found your lovely blog on the hop today!
    I'm following so i can read more! :)

    Christy @

  13. I love the necklace from Nordstrom. Very pretty! I love Turqouise too, but haven't used it much in my house : ( Maybe in house number two : )

  14. Bec, that is SO nice of you to link up to me!! Turquoise is SO gorgeous, I think I love it more each day!!! And I hope your day is going absolutely fab!!! ;) LOVE this post!

  15. Ok, so that comment above is supposed to be from Sara....haha, my mom is here and her name is Judy...and we keep signing each other in and out of our accounts!!! Sorry!

  16. oh turquoise. :) I found a beautiful shade of turquoise Krylon spray paint at Wal-Mart on clearance the other day!! Now just looking for the perfect piece to use it on. :D

  17. Once again, you've inspired me....with spray paint. Before we left on our trip I perused the spray paint aisle at wal mart and found fun paint that sticks to plastic, I'm super excited to paint Diego's little tykes plastic picnic table with fun new bright colors for summer! Love the turquoise! Next week I hope to join in on the what I'm lovin' wednesday fun! Looking forward to linking up tomorrow for Fun-Day Friday!

  18. Gorgeous! I just re-pinned a whole bunch of these to my Pinterest! Love turquoise!


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