Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Adventures of Collin & Lucy: Superhero Baseball Player (and his biggest fan)

Have you met Mick?
Well, probably not.  But I talk about her here on my blog quite a bit.
Probably because I see her practically every day.
I mentioned her most recently on my post about our trip to Seattle for Bloggy Boot Camp.
Here she is again!
.... and here are her legs and her horse.  
Which she keeps at my house. 
(the horse, not the legs)  
Hence the reason why I see her practically every day.  
Mick and I have known each other a LONG time ... for about 18 years, I think.
We worked together at a kids' Christian horse camp called Canyonview (which I've mentioned several times before) for a lot of years!
One summer, we even got to room together at camp - in the same double bed - every night!
If that doesn't get you well-acquainted with a friend, I don't know what does!  Haha!
But we laughed a lot that summer .... and the next summer when we went on the world's longest road trip to Nebraska for a horse show .... and pretty much every other time we've spent together.
And there have been a LOT of those.
I even got to be Mick's older son Carson's kindergarten teacher a few years ago!? THAT was SO cool.
Mick is really more like my family than just a friend.
She is one of the best listeners I know .... and a true friend - who will tell you not only when you're right, but when you're wrong, too.  (in a good way, of course!)
I appreciate her so much, and I know how blessed I am to have her in my life!

Mick has two sons.
You've seen them on my blog before (here).
And I've talked about Collin being Lucy's BFF before, too (here).
But let me introduce you again ....
Meet Collin.  (warning: he's dang cute)
Superhero Baseball Player Extraordinaire!  

And in case you're wondering -- that is my horse's fly mask around his neck, doubling as a cape.  He wears it often.  
And that thing he is holding is a riding crop Mick uses for some of her riding students.  
We call it "the magic wand".  
Collin calls it a lightsaber .... or .... on this particular day .... a baseball bat.  

And Lucy follows him around like a little puppy dog and thinks he is the coolest person on the planet.  It is so. darn. cute.  
Pretty much every day, they have a different adventure of some sort -- and this day, it just happened to be Collin playing baseball and "running the bases" in the arena while Lucy cheered him on.  
.... until she decided to climb through the fence and join him. :)~
Stay tuned for many more Collin and Lucy adventures this summer!  (And if you want to read more about Collin - and the rest of his family, check out their family blog HERE!)


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