Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fun-day Friday {#6} Gets a Makeover!

Hooray for Fun-day Friday!  (and Friday, in general!)

As the post title says, Fun-day Friday is getting a little makeover ... (or maybe it's more of a makeunder?)...
My original vision for this "party" was not just the average link-up-your-latest-and-greatest-project party.  There are HUNDREDS of those already going on!  
Instead, I want THIS party to be all about SPREADING THE LOVE and SHARING THE FUN!!!

My Friday posts will generally be in list form .... and I will be featuring FUN things from my life this week (a fun activity, a fun project, a fun adventure, fun shopping finds, etc.), along with any FUN ideas I have seen from OTHER people and places in blogland ... (hence SPREADING THE LOVE and SHARING THE FUN!).

It's all about the FUN, not necessarily just promoting our projects - although, if you have a project, party ideas, or activities that others would find to be fun, you are more than welcome to include that in your post!

My desire is that the posts linked up will be written specifically for Fun-day Friday, rather than a post from Monday that you think would "qualify as fun" .... (although you might include something from your "fun" Monday post!)

I realize this is going to cause some growing pains .... and we may only get a few people participating at first.  But I feel better knowing that ANYONE will be able to join in THIS party -- even if they're not the creative, crafty type! :)~  EVERYONE has some kind of fun to share, I'm sure of it!

Here is MY version of a Fun-day Friday post ..... perhaps it will give you a better idea of what I'm talking about above and clear up any confusion!

What FUN am I featuring this week?  Read on ..... 

1. Now that Summer has FINALLY decided to show up around these parts, I think these awesome Sponge Water Bombs from House of Hepworths look like a blast!  You can find out how to make your own with her super-cool tutorial .... go check it out!

2.  Keep track of your FUN summer activities with the kids on this fabulous magnetic calendar from Simply Crafty!  One of these is definitely on my to-do list!

3. Along the same lines, check out this sweet and simple printable to help you plan your weekly activities from Somewhat Simple (one of my favorite blogs!)  .... I love that this can be for the kids - or just for you!  Sometimes it helps to have a guideline to follow and keep us motivated! :-) 

4. I'm totally diggin' this adorable quilt from Helping Little Hands!  I love that I will be able to use the cute handprint art ideas so many ways with my kindergartners next year!  The fish, octopus, and crab when we study the ocean .... the giraffe when we study zoo animals ... so FUN! :-)

5.  Lucy is having fun showing off her new pallet bookshelves to everyone that comes over!  

And I am having fun reading all of the wonderful comments from readers who've been inspired to build their own pallet shelves!  Thank you! :-)

6. Look out, grocery shoppers!  Lucy is on the loose, driving her own cart! :)~  
I finally broke down and let her push her own little cart (which our local grocery store provides) this week.  Boy-oh-boy, did she think THAT was FUN! :-)  (pardon the bad iphone pictures ... she was moving fast!)

Now I'm dreading the fit that will be thrown every time we go to the grocery store if she doesn't get to push her own cart! :)~  
Maybe not the best idea to have opened this can of worms, but it was worth it just to hear her squealing with joy through the grocery store aisles. :-)
OK, everybody .... are things a little more clear now?  As you can see, I DID feature one my own projects (the pallet shelves) - but I also featured lots of other fun stuff .... and threw in some everyday fun with Lucy, as well.  You could do it my way - or your own way - as long as it follows this general idea.  
I hope this gives you a better understanding of my vision for Fun-day Friday.  

If you haven't yet written a post for Friday and want to join in, I would love it!  (The party will run through the weekend, so you've got a few days to write your posts and link up, if you need it!)

I'm making the links TEXT ONLY now, so as to discourage just "showing off" your projects .... and please note that I will be deleting links that don't fit the Fun-day Friday vision:  SPREAD THE LOVE and SHARE THE FUN! :-)
(Sorry if this makes me a big meanie .... I still love you!:)~

Don't forget to visit others and comment! 
And as always .... HAVE FUN!


  1. We love to have fun at our house! Thanks for this party to share and find new ideas. I want to make those sponge water bombs with the kids this summer.

  2. Those do look fun! I shared our latest family homemade pizza night --- it was fun!! :)

  3. Hi Bec,

    I love THIS friday fun day! So great!!!! I entered!!!

  4. This is such a great idea Bec! I'm excited to get some fun family ideas for my family!

  5. I LOVE those sponge water bombs! They look like so much fun. Diego would adore them.

    I let Diego push the cart occasionally too, although he seems really interested in running into things with it and has nearly knocked over a wine display more than once. I have come to the decision that those carts may have been created to make parents anxious and buy whatever the kid tosses into the cart, just to GET OUT of the grocery store without a fit. Haha. Diego is getting better with them though, besides the shouting "Whoa they're gonna hit us" whenever anyone else pushes their cart anywhere near us. OY!

  6. New follower here from Sit & Relax Weekend. I love the sponge bomb idea. I'm going to go check that out. I hope you will follow me back. I can be found in facebook too and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).


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