Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun-day Friday Shout-outs!

Well, the new and improved Fun-day Friday was ..... interesting.
I suppose I should expect there to be "issues" after changing things all around on ya'll, but good grief!  I had to do an awful lot of deleting -- after I thought I did a pretty decent job of explaining what the new guidelines for this link up are .... (apparently not!).  That's what I get for thinkin', eh!?

We'll keep pluggin' along and see if this new version of Fun-day Friday will eventually catch on!  (And if it doesn't, I am perfectly 100% OK with that -- I'm happy to do it all by my lonesome if I have to!)

There were a few of you who I was SO THRILLED to see really seemed to understand my vision for Fridays around here!  So I felt it only right to give a couple of ya a shout-out!  (Plus, these are both fabulous gals, worth introducing, regardless!)

Go meet Kari @ A Grace Full Life ....

And Molly @ Life With the Ahlman's ...

Go check out the FUN on these ladies' Friday posts if you haven't already!
Not only do they have some super fun stuff  .... but they also know how to read and follow rules!!!
Congrats, ladies!!!  And thanks a BUNCH!
Can't wait to see what you come up with next Friday! :-)


Thank you for your comments!
I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)