Friday, June 24, 2011

Fun-day Friday!

Whew!  Going on vacation is rough on the ol' blog!  (Good thing it was a SHORT vacation!)
We have been having LOTS of fun at the beach for the past few days though .... so it was most-definitely worth it!
Here's a glimpse of the FUN we've been having at the beach, Instagram-style! :-) .....
Lucy LOVED getting into her tutu swimsuit again!
And "swimming" in the pool!
(The kiddie pool was just perfect after Mama and Daddy were raisined-up and ready to get out of the regular pool ... Lucy just kept playing! ... I think she would have stayed in there all day if we'd have let her!)
Brrrrrrr!  The air at the Oregon Coast was a little chilly after getting out of the bathtub-warm water!
 We had so much fun watching the beautiful kites!
 This is the view from our condo ... gorgeous!

Daddy and Lucy on the beach.  Precious. :-)
And this morning, on our way home .... we stopped at the "world-famous" Otis Cafe for breakfast.
It is a tiny - and I mean tiny - old-fashioned diner (I think there's 6 tables?) with YUMMY food (included homemade breads and pies, which is all the reason Scott needs to stop!).
Lucy had a whole lotta FUN with her teddy bear pancake!

And now, just to show you some of the fun stuff I've noticed in blogland this week ....
Alison at Oopsey Daisy is at it again .... making all kinds of FUN stuff!!!  Check out this watermelon lemonade!  Party-PERFECT, for sure!!!
 AND she's guest posting this totally, adorably FUN color book (made from all kinds of scraps!) over at living with punks today!
And this is now the SECOND time this week I've wished I had paid attention when Grandma was teaching me how to sew years ago ....
(Do you think the "stitch witchery" I used on my no-sew curtains would work for this!?:)~  ha!
 Check out the super-fun cake ideas over at Tip Junkie this week!  LOVE this cupcake caterpillar .... can't wait to have our Very Hungry Caterpillar Party soon!!!  This will be SO perfect!
And finally, with the 4th of July coming up NEXT WEEKEND (what!?) .... this patriotic mason jar idea - complete with straws (bonus with a two-year-old!) - from Two Shades of Pink, caught my eye.  I think this would be so fun for a patriotic party next weekend!!!
I hope you're all having a FABULOUSLY FUN-day FRIDAY!!!! :-)
Oh ... and go visit Sara at Sweet Little Gals to check out HER Fun-day Friday post, too!  I don't have the link party going this week because I'm going to switch it up a bit (starting next week!) - but Sara TOTALLY gets my vision for Fridays, and I appreciate it so much .... plus, she has an ADORABLE new blog design, a new photo swap starting this weekend, AND she's just an all-around awesome lady!

*** Start planning now for your FRIDAY post NEXT week - where you will SHARE THE FUN and show us some of YOUR fun favorites for the week! :-)


  1. Oh Bec!! You are SO SO sweet to post about me!! You are the BEST. That beach trip looks just AWESOME!! I LOVE the beach and I can't say it enough. I miss the Oregon coast. That's the only beach I've ever been to. The funny thing is, I probably passed close to you guys many times and never knew it!! Someday...I will come and see ya!! ;) Have an awesome weekend! Lots of love to you!

  2. I had "one of those weeks" here so I didn't get my post ready for your party..:( Goin' out of town next week too so should be interesting for the blog as well....:)

    Happy weekend, :)

  3. OOps, just realized that you had no party to link up to....see it was one of those weeks! ugh.....:)

  4. Looks like you had a good time at the beach! Loved the instagram pictures and Lucy's tu tu bikini!

  5. Your blog is super cute! I am a follower and would love it if you stopped by and became my newest follower! I'm excited to link up to your party! Thanks for these fun ideas!

  6. What a darling post!! Okay, I am so behind with blog-reading, so I'm ashamed at how long it's taken me to say THANK YOU! Thanks for featuring both my color book AND my watermelon lemonade. Your rock, lady!!


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