Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair Clips Here, Hair Bows There .....

Yup.  That is my house.
Hair clips and bows are EVERYWHERE!
I'm one of those moms who almost always has a clip, bow, or flower in my little girl's hair.
And up until this point, I've had no particular place to KEEP all of these hair accessories -- which means they end up here, there, and everywhere .... all over the house.
This was a problem for two reasons:  1)  I don't like clutter, and 2) I can never find the clips when I need them!

So .... this is my solution.  I hope you like it!
I started with an old (ugly) framed print I bought 10+ years ago and no longer wanted hanging in my house.  (It had been hiding in a closet for the past few years already, actually.)
I ripped off the paper on the back and took out the print, glass, etc.  ..... and I was left with a plain ol' silverish-colored wood frame.

And then I painted it .... Ballet Slipper Pink.  {LOVE}
(And this is where I remembered to start taking pictures!:)~
After the pink was done, I decided to live a little and go for a glazed layer, too.
I used a dark brown/bronze antiquing glaze, which I brushed on ....
 .... and then wiped off gently with a t-shirt rag (it leaves color just in the cracks and detailing of the frame ... you'll see in a minute!)

Then I took a ball of hemp (from the craft store), and cut pieces long enough to stretch across the frame + a few extra inches to allow me to tie knots at both ends.
I used a staple gun to attach them to the back of the frame ....
 .... then stretch across to the other side, pull tight, and staple again.
 And finally tie one more knot on this side -- and snip the excess!
I did this vertically AND horizontally to create a grid that eventually looked like this....

 Finished product!
  .... And with a few "pretties" attached.  :-)
 .... And hanging in it's new home, on the wall in Lucy's bathroom.  Perfect!
Cute and functional ... and with the same antiqued look that appears so often around the rest of our house!  Fits right in!

Do you have a good solution for all of those hair accessories at your house....?
I'd love to see 'em! :-)


  1. I'm loving this! Very cute!

  2. That is a great idea. Good job. I have short hair and no girls so I won't need it for that but I am sure there are many things I could use it for.

  3. This is so cute! I have seen these types of things at craft fairs this year using chicken coop-like wire and I love these so much. :)

  4. What a lovely idea! When I have the pleasure of having a little girl with all the hair accessories that come with her, I will be making myself one of these!

  5. This is a GREAT idea!! LOVE it Bec!

  6. love this. i recently bought an old frame on sale and i thought of doing something similar to this but with pictures instead of bows.

    i really liked the distressed look, maybe i'll try doing something like that. i always enjoy your diy projects.

  7. This is a much cuter solution than what I have. I think I will need one for myself. Thanks for sharing:>

  8. So adorable! I've added it to Pinterest to make for my little girl.

    I am an absolute fan of your projects!

  9. This is so perfect! I was just thinking this morning while I was trying to find a clippy for Ellie's hair that I need a place to put them all. This is my solution!

  10. This is SO cute! and what a great baby shower gift if it is a girl!

  11. Hi, I love it! I had the same problem in our house - clips everywhere but where I needed them. I came up with a solution which involves a strawberry and a ribbon. You can see it on my blog

  12. Good morning! I'm your newest follower from the Wandering Wednesday blog hop. I love this decorative frame! Feel free to swing by and visit sometime: Have a blessed day!

  13. As always, super cute idea! My poor Grace just gets a couple of tackle boxes. =) Might have to give this one a go once we get moved and she has her own room!

  14. This is way cute!! I love how the frame looks vintage!! Thanks for giving me the inspiration!!

  15. It turned out so cute! Love the glaze on the frame. Thanks for linking up to this week's Catch a Glimpse party.

  16. Oh I wish I would have seen this a week ago! Since we're all about hair at our place I have hundreds of bows at our house! I probably would need to make a huge frame though to fit them all! This is so darling! Just stopping by from JaG blog!

  17. No little girls for me, but this looks very similar to a frame at Pier 1 that I've wanted, but didn't want to pay the money to buy! I think I'll copy this and find some cute little clothespins to hold pictures. Thanks!

  18. I love this! Thank you for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy! We hope you will join us tomorrow for another fun-filled party!


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