Thursday, June 30, 2011

Like no time had passed ....

I bet you all have old friends that you only get to see every once in a while .... and when you see them - even if it's been months (or even years!) - you say, "It was like no time had passed!" - because you picked up right where you left off.
Well, what about when FIFTEEN years has passed?
Back then, I looked like this:
(That's me on the right ..... the far right.)
And that's my friend, Gabi, on the left ...... the far left.  
(The one in the middle is my beloved "Bob".)
We worked together at Canyonview (the camp I've talked about a dozen times already) when we were teenagers, and became fast friends.  
Gabi was one of the most hard-working, down-to-earth girls there was.  
We gradually lost contact over the next few years as we both went to college and then got married .... and Gabi ended up on the other side of the state.  

Over a decade later ......
along comes Facebook, and we were able to reconnect over the course of several LONG messages, trying to catch each other up on the past fifteen years of our lives!

And last week, we started Summer break off right with a real-life visit!!!  
Gabi was over on this side of the state visiting her family, so we were able to meet up half-way at a park for an afternoon play date with our kiddos!  
It was SO great to see her again .... and somewhat surreal because it truly felt like no time had passed (well, maybe a little time -- but certainly not fifteen years!!!).
Gabi is the exact same cool chick she always was (which is definitely a compliment!) -- heck, she even LOOKS exactly the same! (no fair!:)~
Unfortunately, I forgot my "real" camera -- so we settled for the iphone. :-)
It was SO special, getting to watch Lucy play with Gabi's three awesome kids -- Garret, Grace, and Dylan (who are, of course, three of the most well-behaved, respectful, delightful kids I've met ... I'd expect nothing less with a mom like Gabi!)

It was truly the perfect way to start out the summer  .... and it will surely be one of my favorite memories of the season.
Can't wait to do it again ....... much sooner than fifteen years from now. :-)


  1. Love this! I received the "Versatile Blogger Award" and I chose your blog as one to pass it on to! Visit my blog to claim your award :-) Keep up the great work, I love your blog!

  2. Awww, SO much fun to re-connect with old friends!! FB has been just AWESOME for getting back in touch! I'm a fan! Glad you had a great time! And I LOVE that old pic of YOU!! So cute!! You look even better now lady!

  3. That is awesome Bec, I am so glad it was fun. You both look Great. Your hair is just a wee bit shorter. And you both have beautiful kids. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read!

  4. I have a friend just like that, accept its only been about 2 years. Feels like forever though! I can't wait to see her in a few weeks when I'm on that side of the country visiting family!

  5. thats so much fun. i love being able to do that with (old) friends.

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