Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pinterest-ing Wednesday :-)

Mixin' it up today with ...


How smart is THIS idea!?
I mean, HELL-O!  EVERYONE is addicted to Pinterest!
(I've only mentioned it ... what?  Like six time the last few weeks!?:)~
So ... I'm excited to do something a little different this Wednesday, and thought some of my readers might like to try it out, too!

Given my search for INSPIRATION this week, I thought I would borrow some pins from my "Words" pinboard.  I LOVE these things!  I hope you enjoy them, too .....

 THIS is definitely a GREAT question....

I think this is something I can definitely take to heart this week....

Why is it so much easier to focus on the problems though???

I KNOW this to be true ... but it's so easy to forget!

For sure.  Just not one of my strongpoints (the whole absence of control thing).
Sadly, true.  But such an important lesson.

And after all ....
And because Lucy left last night to spend TWO nights with Aunt Stephi and I am already missing her like crazy .....
I say this to her about 15 times a day!
(Except I follow it up with "and then some more!")
 And even though I hate not having my little buddy here ...
YES!  Thanks for the break, Sister! :-)

If you enjoyed these .... you might want to check out the rest of my WORDS pinboard HERE.  (And the rest of my Pinterest boards, too!)


  1. Oh I adore your pins. One of my favorite boards is my Words to Live By one. I may be repinning quite a few of these. The first one hit me right in the heart. :)

  2. I have written on a post it note by my computer: "blog post- all things Pinterest". I kid you not! I love this site so much and could spend hours perusing sites JUST to pin something to my boards. Like it isn't enough that I am addicted to blogging......:)

  3. The first quote was great! It's a good reminder to be thankful, even for those who aren't religious. I think we'll reinstitute our "favorite things about today" at the dinner table!

  4. I love how all of your pinterest photos are quotes! They are so true and accurate.

  5. Wow!! You are braver than me letting your Lucy go away for two nights! I think I would go CRAZY! ;) I'm sure you are getting LOTS done! Is school out yet?

  6. Aww! I love your pins this week!!! Especially the film one with the negatives! SO TRUE!!!

    Thank you for linking up today!!!!



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