Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Lovin' ... SUMMER IS HERE!

I'm SO lovin' that I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!  (well, at least I will be as soon as I get these darn report cards done!:)~
So in honor of MY summer arriving, here are some fabulous summertime things I'll be lovin' over the next couple of months ...

(via Pinterest!)
Check out all of these pins and more on my "Summertime" pinboard! :-)

This summer, I'll be lovin' one of my favorite holidays - the 4th of July!  (How cute are these adorable festively-sprinkled ice cream sandwich pops!?)
 I'll be lovin' lots of rodeos with friends and family ....
 I'll be lovin' at least a couple of trips to the beach to watch the waves and kites ....
 I'll be lovin' the fair -- the rides, the food, the animals, and the people-watching ....
 I'll be lovin' lots of fresh berries ....
 I'll be lovin' corn on the cob ....
I'll be lovin' eating outdoors ....
..... and I WOULD BE lovin' THIS .....
....if only I could figure out where it is and how to get there.  :)~



  1. I'm loving your summertime "pins!" :)

  2. I would SO be in that gorgeous beachy hammock if I could find it too! LOL Maybe we'll run into each other. {grin} SO happy you are done for the summer!! Now you and Lucy can have a blast!

  3. I'll all about dining outside by twinkle lights, beachy days though I wish there were more kites, and long hikes with my dogs!

  4. ooh, that hammock is a dream!! That dessert looks delicious, too!

  5. i love our county fair!
    we have pigs being shown this year!

  6. Hi Bec! New to your blog! First of all...Lucy is PRECIOUS! My husband and I don't have children yet but we love the name Lucy :-). Great pins! I want to try that corn! And what great ideas for 4th of July treats!

  7. Those sandwich pops are ADORABLE. And, I agree - who doesn't want to take a nap on that hammock?

  8. I LOVE all these pics! I'm a Texas girl so I'm totally with ya here! I'm LOVIN your blog and can't wait to read more! Following you now on GFC!

  9. Great pins today! I always forget how wonderful summer berries and corn are until I have them again. Mmm. :) I'm here again via The Vintage Apple link up.

  10. That corn picture looks so GOOD!!! I love roasted corn!!!! Great pins today!!!!

    Thank you for linking up today, Bec!!!!

  11. ooo I love all your summer time picks! I love me some grilled corn! ;) Love your blog BTW - stopping by from The Vintage Apple.

  12. i love eating outside too
    nothing's better than a fun picnic out in the sunshine!


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