Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flattered, Fabulous, Frightened, Fascinated, and .... Famous?

I'm all of those things today.
(Well, except for the Famous part .....)

You see, I've been trying to read more blogs lately.
(Am I the only one who can't figure out how to focus on your own blog AND everyone else's blog at the same time?)
I read these awesome blogs which - not only feature their own amazingly creative projects day after day -- but are also showing us everyone else's amazing projects, too!
I just don't get it how they do it.

Oh!  ... And then there's Facebook and Twitter, which the same awesome bloggers seem to be on constantly - always keeping us informed of the latest and greatest projects around blogland.

And let's not forget Pinterest.  
You know they all have Pinterest boards, overflowing with fabulous pins, too ....

And, of course, they all have kids (and jobs), too .....

I, on the other hand, was not born with Wonder Woman powers.
I have trouble enough keeping one child entertained long enough to take a shower and keep my house (relatively) clean .... so posting projects (or shall we start with creating projects??), visiting hundreds of blogs, pinning the best ideas, and tweeting unceasingly about all of the aforementioned throughout my day just does not work for poor, pathetic me.

I kinda just have to pick one thing at a time.
So, my thing this week has been reading other blogs ..... and therein comes the reason for all of my F words.
(Nice F words, of course.)

First of all, I'm FLATTERED.
Beyond flattered, actually.
Because while reading through many of these blogs .... I'm finding the words "Little Lucy Lu" on the "Blogs I Love" or "Must Read Blogs" lists!  Right there alongside Pioneer Woman, Tatertots and Jello, House of Smiths, and all those other A-mazing blogs!?
How on earth did THAT happen!!!???

Which brings me to my next F word ... FABULOUS!
How can one NOT be fabulous after seeing something like that!?
Wow!  You readers out there really know how to make a girl feel good!
It's shocking enough that so many of you want to read my blog every now and then .... but to see my blog on your "favorites" lists is just ridiculously thrilling.

And scary.
Hence, my next F word:  FRIGHTENED.
As in, panic has set in as I'm realizing I have expectations to live up to and people I don't want to let down!
I mean, if Little Lucy Lu is a "must read" -- I gotta have something for ya'll to READ!?
What if you don't like what I have to say?
What if my creativity flies out the window (which it often does) and doesn't come back!?
I don't know if I can handle the pressure!!!
(But don't worry, I'm gonna try!)

After all, I have so many fabulous people out there to be inspired by!
And that brings me to the next F word -- FASCINATED.
As in, I am absolutely fascinated by the amazing talent that is never-ending in blogland!
I become more and more awestruck every day at the overwhelming number of CREATIVE people out there!

And then there's FAMOUS.
Okay, okay .... finding my blog on other people's blog lists probably doesn't make me famous.
But let's just go with it for a moment, shall we?
And if I'M famous, then I'm offering for YOU to become famous, too, by featuring YOU and one of your amazingly creative projects on Little Lucy Lu!
So, do you wanna be famous???

Well if you WOULD like to be famous (by Little Lucy Lu standards), please send me an email (by clicking on the "email" button in the upper right corner of my blog) and let me know who you and your blog are - and what your proposed project would be.  (Please note, it should be something that goes along with the general feel of my blog .... you know, something my readers will enjoy!)  It could be a craft for kids, a decorative project, a recipe .... anything along those lines!

What's in it for YOU?
You mean aside from being seen by my 550+ fabulous readers!?  (Which, by the way, if you are a newby-blogger, just getting started, that isn't such a bad deal!)
But in addition to that ..... the first THREE bloggers to reply with an acceptable idea will receive their choice of a 1 year subscription to one of the following magazines:

  • Country Living
  • Food Network Magazine
  • Martha Stewart Living
  • Real Simple
(Four of my favorites!)

I can't wait to hear your ideas and to feature THREE of you on Little Lucy Lu in the near future!


  1. you blog is one of my favorites! your writing style is so fun and i really enjoy reading what you have to say.

    great job! i gained 6 new followers this week and i am feeling pretty flattered, fabulous, and really fantastic.
    have a great day!

  2. Just recently found your blog and I'm loving it. And I totally know what you mean about trying to do everything all at once (and I'm not even a mother yet)

  3. What a great feeling! the nice ones ;)
    I just sent you an email :) Thanks for the great ideas and offers!

  4. I'm a recent new follower and I love your blog too! There are some blogs that are over the top with ads and colors but yours is simply beautiful and easy to read. I might be too late, but I just sent an email with some ideas I had on projects.

  5. See, I have no power for a week and what do I miss?? :)

    Love the blog as always and you are famous. :)

    Happy Friday!


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