Friday, July 8, 2011

Share the Fun Friday! (#2)

Guess what!?!
It's my birthday!!!
So I'm having a party!

Okay, okay ... I have this party every Friday, but still .... I'm having a party!!!
Will you come .... PLEASE?
Consider it my birthday present. :-)

But before we get started, I gotta tell ya' -- I was REALLY happy with the peeps who linked up last week.
This party -- as it seems I've explained a HUNDRED times now -- is about sharing ways that YOU made your week FUN.
From last week, here are some EXCELLENT examples of how some of you took an ordinary day .... threw in a little imagination .... and made it into a whole lotta FUN FUN FUN!!!

Sue at Fruity Lemonade made a pet ladybug rock!  How stinkin' cute is that!?
Lucy is 100% obsessed with rocks (???), so I am ALL OVER THIS IDEA!  Thanks for the awesome idea, Sue! :-)  Lucy is gonna have LOADS of fun with her pet ladybug rock, I just know it!

Sherri at Families are Fun! threw a family art party at her house .... complete with decorating the FOOD!  Whoever thought of decorating bananas!?!  I love it!  And you have GOT to head over there and check out all of the other cool stuff they did ... SO MUCH FUN!!!

And finally, Poor Badger Creations made soap monsters!  Totally cheap, easy, and FUN project!  It's amazing what some googly eyes will do! :-)

So what'd I tell you?
Great ideas, huh?
Well how about YOU!?
What did YOU do to make your week fun....?
Will you link up your post and share it with us?
(C'mon .... do it for me .... it IS my birthday, after all!)

But BEWARE --- if your linked up post does not follow the general theme of the party, as outlined in the invitation at the top --- you will be DELETED.
Just gotta do it.
I'm a real stickler for the rules, unfortunately.  It's just how I roll. :)~
(And don't forget to visit the other links and spread some comment love!)
Make it a FUN Friday!


  1. Happy Birthday! And you are a stickler for rules 'cuz you are a teacher. We are "weird" like that. :)

    This is the thing, I am not sure my post would follow the rules. It is a picture post with fun things we did this summer so far. So I will post it and if you have to delete it, I soooo understand.

    Happy Friday!!


  2. Happy birthday Bec, hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday! I'm a new follower!

  4. Happy, happy birthday Bec! Maybe I'll have to bring you something do you feel about the color gold and tigers? ;)

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for having the link up it is so FUN!!

  6. Happy Happy Happy Birthday my friend! I hope you are having an amazing day! I so wish I could enter something into your fun party.... all of my posts from this week were fun, but they are more DIY crafts.... I have been wishing I had something to enter since you started this party! I will just wait until I do something super fun! Shoot.... I have dog party pictures from a while ago...that was fun... too bad the party wasn't around then! xo And Happy Happy birthday again!

  7. I am SOOOOOO blessed and happy to have my soap monsters featured! You made my day! =)

  8. Happy Birthday dear sweet Bec!!! I have a July birthday too and LOVE having my birthday in the summer! I hope you have the most fabulous birthday ever!!!!!!

  9. Happy Birthday! New follower! Love these ideas on your blog! Looking forward to following you! I have 3 kids myself and watching my neice and nephew next week so we need lots of ideas for our fun week ahead!

  10. Oh Bec!! Happy happy birthday!! I had NO idea or I would have told you so much earlier!! Love ya girl!

  11. Happy Birthday Rebecca! I am so glad that we got to visit you during your birthday week:-) Thanks again for that!


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