Thursday, July 21, 2011

Share the Fun Friday! (#4)

It's Friday AGAIN!
Lucy and I have had a pretty chill week .... and chilly, for that matter.  I am feeling sorry for all of my bloggy friends in the midwest and the south with all those crazy-hot temperatures this week!  I'm not sure if we even peaked 70 degrees here in the Pacific Northwest (which is a whole other issue, but I'd take this over a heat index of 135 any day!).
This photo was taken in a nearby town this week .... I thought it was pretty funny --- and accurate! 

Other than playing in the rain, I've been having SO much fun finishing up my mom cave/craft room! 
A BFF trip to IKEA this week (aka: a trip to IKEA with my BFF) .... along with a trip to a sweet antique mall has added a few more treasures to my space.  And you saw my desk and my command center earlier this week, right!?  
I can't wait to show you the FINISHED ROOM ... which I think will happen next week, FINALLY!!! 
Anywho ---
I sure hope you've been having FUN .... and that you're ready to share it with us!
There you have it .... you've ALL been invited, so no excuses! :)~

Real quick before we get started, I want to show off some of the FUNness  from last week ....
I think this Road Trip Survival Bin from Junk in their Trunk is SO CREATIVE!  You've got to go check out all the great stuff she packed in there!
 I love how Kelly at Little Wonders' Days took her kiddos on a trip to the Farmer's Market -- and gave them each picture card shopping lists to keep them interested and involved!  Now THAT is making an ordinary day FUN -- JUST what I love to see here!!!  Thanks, Kelly! :-)
And finally, Behind Our Front Door made some ADORABLE worms, flowers, bees, and caterpillars on her super cute birthday party cookies ... so talented!

Are you good and inspired now!?
Remember, you don't have to be linking up a specific project!!!  A post telling us about all of the FUN you've been up to this week would be just PERFECT, too!!!!

Grab a button and HAVE SOME FUN!



  1. That is so true about the PNW.

    Seriously, it's been about what, 50 here, max? :D

  2. Hi Bec, thanks for featuring our farmers market outing! We love to have fun around here, so I love the links at your party.

  3. Those cookies are so stinkin' cute! And I am insanely jealous of your weather. We honeymooned in Northern California this year and I was blown away by the mild weather - I LOVED IT. The crazy highs and lows of Minnesota are wearing me down.

  4. Thanks for inviting me to the party, so fun! I have to say I'm quite jealous of your weather, we are suffering from 20+ days with temps over 100 and absolutely no rain, yuck!

  5. Umm that's it! I am hopping on the red eye and flying across the entire country just to sit in your yard and enjoy your "cool" air!... The hight today was 104 here with a heat index over 115... I can't even check the mail... :(

  6. Hi Becky, I hope you don't mind...I linked up my owls on my kindergarten blog.....what my blog does not say is how much fun my mom and I had making those silly owls. We even watched the video of Owl Babies together. I'm sure you would have a great time making an owl with Lucy. :)


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