Tuesday, July 12, 2011

the things she says {Lucy-isms}.... volume 4

I love posting Lucy's latest isms every month! ....and I love going back and rereading the previous Lucy-isms, too!
It is crazy to realize how far her language and vocabulary have come in such a short time  .... she seems to get exponentially smarter every day!
(And yes, I might be a little biased:)~

Check out what my little chick has been sayin' lately .....
  • "Be careful with me!" ... (she says this a LOT) - any time we're doing something with her that might "hurt" - like brushing her hair, putting on shoes, getting her dressed, .... even picking her up!   It is hilarious!
  • While eating her lunch one day, I overheard this conversation: "Thank you, Lucy for feeding me! .... (pause) .... You're welcome, tummy!"
  • She was telling some farfetched story the other day, and I said "I think you're a storyteller!" to which she replied, "I'm not a storyteller!  I'm Wucy-Woooooooo!"(in wolf-howling style!).
  • When she had a cold (or allergies?) a week ago and kept sneezing, she said "I keep bless-you-ing, Mama!" .... and later, "I need to snort my nose!"
  • Stella (our wonderful and amazing dog) has been shedding like crazy (now that it's finally acting like summer around here!), and the other day, I was brushing her - and, of course, fur was flying everywhere!  Lucy says, "Uh-oh, Mama ... Stella's fedders are falling off!"  (and then she proceeded to pick up chunks of fur and try to reattach them to Stella!).
  • She randomly says, "When I was a little girl, ________"  or "I used to _______ when I was a little girl" all the time  ..... someone please tell me she's still a little girl!?!  :)~
  • In her most pathetic-sounding voice, "My feewings are hurt ..... I need a bandage." (yes, we now call them bandages instead of band-aids:)~
  • "I need to brush my teeth!  I have cooties on them!"
  • The other day, Scott asked her if she wanted to go down to the pond to go fishing with him.  She said, "I wanna go fishing with you, Dada .... but I don't have a fish pole!"
  • And finally, one of her favorite things to tell Scott when he gets home from work now .... "(sigh) I had a rough day."
It looks like a rough day, doesn't it? :)~


  1. So cute! It's so fun to look back and remember the things they used to say!!

  2. Oh Cuz, I think this volume is my favorite! The tummy one especially was HILARIOUS!

  3. So so so cute! :o) I love each one...the dentist in me especially loves the teeth one!!!

  4. That is simply adorable!! It reminded me of my own kids. She is such a cutie!

  5. This is my favorite too of the Lucyisms. I love the tummy one too and where did she hear "When I was little____?? The things she can say amazes me!

  6. I LOVE your blog and follow it daily :) your little girl is ADORABLE.

  7. These are ADORABLE! I can't wait until my Lucy can talk more. I wondered if she will call herself "Wucy" too. :) That is what my newphew calls her. It's too cute!

  8. Oh she is just so adorable!! This was such a cute post. They do seem to grow so fast don't they?

  9. Love these, brought back memories of Lindsey and her indignation when she'd say her name "Inzy Wowo Hess" and we'd say "Well hello Inzy Wowo Hess", she'd cross her arms and scowl and say "It's not Inzy Wowo Hess, it's Inzy Wowo Hess"!!...Etta Hess, mother of Lindsey Laurel Hess;)

  10. Oh Lucy is HILARIOUS!! I laughed SO hard at the tummy quote...and the rough day one too! Aren't these little ones SO cute?!!

  11. How cute!!! I loved them is so funny what kids will say!

  12. And I'm still laughing!!! Thanks Bef!

  13. she is so adorsble!! she will love looking back at these when she is older :)


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