Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Lovin' ... Bunting Edition!

It's Wednesday .... and I'm lovin' buntings!!!
What's a bunting, you ask?
A flag banner!  The flags can be any size, but I'm especially fond of the pennant bunting .... and they are EVERYWHERE right now!
Check out these beauties!

I'm lovin' the cool colors and added embellishments in this fab bunting from Tatertots and Jello.  

And buntings don't have to be made out of fabric!  I'm lovin' this paper cake (or cupcake!) bunting from The Shabby Nest).

....Or how about a wallpaper bunting from Crap I've Made?  So creative!

If you're wanting a party cake bunting of your very own (and you don't want to make it yourself), I'm lovin' that you can buy THIS ONE from Vintage Green Limited on Etsy!

And I'm lovin' the fabric options available on Etsy, too (for all of us non-sewin'-folks!).
Love the vintage fabrics in THIS ONE.  

....And the beautiful details in THIS ONE.  

..... And the fresh, summery colors in THIS ONE.  

So .... have I turned you into a Bunting Believer yet??? :)~
Stay tuned for my very own bunting-included project, coming up SOON on Little Lucy Lu!  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it!!!  I think this project combination I'm working on right now is my favorite! Can't wait to show you! :-)

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  1. love the top one the best with the fun fabric strands hanging around the pennants. super cute. definitely will be making my own for my sis's baby shower.

  2. LOVE that turquoise and red one...these things are SO cool!! Can't wait to see yours! ;)

  3. I'm definitely a bunting believer! So many cute ones:)

  4. I'm loving all of your buntings! You can't go wrong with one for any occasion! :) Your blog is too cute, and your little girl is adorable! Have a great Wednesday!


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