Thursday, August 11, 2011

CREATE - Some Fun for the Wall

OK, time for the next mini-tutorial from my Mom Cave Mega Post .... the CREATE letters on the wall project.

This project is simple and straightforward - (and doesn't really need much explanation, I'm sure) - but I just wanted to point out what a fun and easy way this is to add some spice to your wall.

First step: pick your word!  Because I was working on my Craft Room, I wanted a word that clearly summarized that .... CREATE seemed like the perfect answer!
Second step:  collect your letters.  You can find a variety of shapes and sizes of letters at the craft store - among many other random places!  I have a big basket of wooden letters I've been collecting for quite some time now, so I just went to my basket and was fortunate to have most of them ... just needed an extra E (so I made a quick trip to the craft store to solve that problem).  
Third step:  embellish your letters!  This is the fun part!  I knew I wanted my letters each to have a different look...
The C ... I traced, cut out, and mod podged scrapbook paper onto the C, then distressed the edges with walnut Distress Ink.
The R ... I painted a charcoal gray, then sanded the edges.
The first E ... I bought that way!
The A ... I sliced strips of burlap, then hot glued them onto the letter.

The T ... same as the C, except with old sheet music.
The last E ... I hot glued various sizes/colors of buttons onto the letter.  (Lucy loved helping me with that one!)

(I didn't remember to take pictures of every letter during the process, but you get the idea!)

I love the finished effect ... this wall is opposite the door that comes into the room, so it definitely makes a clear statement the second you walk into the room!  

I think a project like this would be fun for ANY room in the house .... and I bet your (old enough) kids would LOVE to embellish the letters in their name for their bedroom walls, too!  

So .... pick a room, pick a word .... and get to work! 


  1. The buttons on the letter E are sooo adorable! I love that you chose to do something different with each letter. It makes a huge statement. Love it!

  2. Love the buttons! I made need to make myself a set of these! :)

  3. Yep, with all of the others. I LOVE the button one. Bec, I have SO many projects on my to do list from your cute blog! :)

  4. I LOVE this. I have some letters to write Family for a couple years now. I'd been thinking of pulling them out and now you've inspired me to get them done. I love the buttons as well.

  5. I have just moved to a new house this week. I think I'll be opening boxes for the rest of my life. Of course, most of them are labeled craft room. I really have to get organized. I want my craft room/jewelry making studio to be my place to get inspiration. I have been collecting photographs an making displays for some time now to decorate it with. I hope I can make it as pretty as your room. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love this - it's super cute.
    I just had to make one for my daughters bedroom (and put my own spin on it)
    I just did the one letter, though I love how you spelled out a word and made each letter different. Great effect.

    check out my efforts:


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