Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Because we are having another busy and fun-filled week .....
Because I should be packing for vacation instead of blogging .....
Because I have about 193 emails to reply to .....
Because I spent last night painting over the faux finish (that used to be cool) in my dining room instead of preparing a decent blog post .....
And because I am still exhausted from writing this post yesterday, all about my Mom Cave .....
I'm not posting anything today.
Well, aside from this.
And this doesn't really count for much.

I'll be back tomorrow .... and if you didn't get to check out the Mom Cave yesterday, please do -- and tell me what you think!


  1. Hey Bec, just checked it out. Looks great. It is cool to see it in pictures after seeing it real life. Looks great both ways!!!

  2. You totally rock! I LOVE this room! wow!! Great job. :)

  3. I read the Mom Cave post yesterday, but didn't comment. IT IS AWESOME!!! My favorite parts are the chair (love LOVE that fabric!) and the CREATE letters on the wall. You have a real talent, and did a FANTASTIC job!

  4. Hey Rebecca,

    I thought you knew I had a blog. Love your new "Mom Cave" and the windmill looks wonderful. I've been meaning to email you so now I'll finally get around to it..LOL.

    Love your blog and Lucy is getting sooo big:-)



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