Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First "Photo Shoot"

This was an exciting week for me in the land of photography.
I, by the way, don't have much business BEING in the "land of photography" -- I'm more like an annoying visitor there, I'm sure.
I have taken one online class (The Photographer's Workshop - found HERE), which I have mentioned (and highly recommended!) here before, but truth be told .... I still have at least a third of that material to finish, so I'm kind of a photography flunky at this point, I guess you could say!

This week, though .... I was thrilled (and kind of scared out of my mind) to take some senior photos for my adorable niece Mackenzie.  She and her mom assured me it was "just for fun", so we did have a whole lot of FUN -- and we got some pretty good shots out of the deal, too (at least I think so!).

Here are some of my favorites.....

What do you think....?  (And I'm not just fishing for compliments here ... I'd love some constructive criticism!)

And this little photo shoot wasn't the only big photography-related venture around here this week .... I also FINALLY got brave enough to try out my Photoshop Elements program!  (I am SO clueless, and I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing .... but I'm having fun trying!)
I'll post some more about this later in the week .....

But for now -- if YOU have some favorite photos you'd like to share this week, please head over to Sweet Little Gals for the Sweet Little Photo Swap!


  1. Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous subject! The settings are very pretty too. :). I love the thing that I noticed was the top of her head gone in each one. I know nothing about photography past what I learned in high school though!

    Good job, Bec. See you soooon. Argh

  2. Great job Bec!! The last one was my favorite. I love how the background is so faded and your niece stands out so much in the picture. I bought a photography book a couple months ago and haven't even opened it yet. Can't wait to see what you've been doing in photoshop Elements. :)

  3. Beautiful!!! And are we the SAME person?! I had my 2nd photoshoot this weekend!~ Pics are on my FB page! Love the way yours turned out!

  4. Hi, Bec

    You did a great job! Beautiful pics.


  5. I think these pics are great. I love the settings. The pink flowers are dreamy. I think that pic is my fav. :)

  6. Oh Bec, these are beautiful! LOVE that one of her in the flowers...thank you SO much for linking up!! Hope your week is wonderful!

  7. Fabulous photos Bec, you did a wonderful job!

  8. These are gorgeous! You're a great photographer!

  9. great job! you did wonderful, dont be so hard on yourself, just HAVE FUN :)

  10. Those are amazing! The third is my fave. Wow, what a beautiful landscape!

  11. I think you did a great job. Those pictures look great. (And so does your niece.)


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