Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Swap Sunday!

It is the end of one of the busiest weekends EVER around here.
Another wedding ... (with the reception in my backyard) ... and all the work that comes along with that. (Emphasis on the work part.) :)~

My favorite photos this week are a combination of last weekend's fun AND a few sneak peeks of the wedding.  (I promise to show more wedding pics tomorrow!)

My favorite little person, sitting on a log down by our pond ... I just love this photo!
 Sherry and Cam .... I know the sun flare is a bit much here, but I still think it's cool!  
 Lilybug (my BFF's darling daughter), eating her s'more around the campfire at our house last weekend.
I think I could take pictures of those eyes every day .... geez!  Doesn't get any better than those!
 Lucy and her cousin, Grace, at our family reunion last weekend.  
I posted about Grace and Lucy a lot back in the "ol' days", the first year of their life, when we took pictures of them side-by-side once a month ... it was so fun to watch them grow and change that way!
They are 10 days apart and SO much alike.  
 And a couple of shots from the wedding yesterday ...
Love this picture of Lucy holding my bouquet.
 And Lucy with the beautiful bride ... 
I'll show you more of those beauties tomorrow! :-)
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  1. What adorable shots of cute little Lucy!! ;) LOVE the wedding ones and can't WAIT to see more!! ;) And I want to hear all about your weekend!!

  2. Oh my goodness, Lucy is SUCH a doll! I love it :) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the wedding pics!! (and good job on the "work"...i can't imagine how much that would be for wedding prep!)


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