Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Professional Flower Girl

I promised you more wedding pictures, and by golly -- I'm bound and determined to keep at least ONE of the promises I've made around here lately!!!  (My Photoshop Elements Adventure post is coming soon - I know I said it would be last week ... ugh!)
This past weekend, Lucy got to be a flower girl for the second time this month!
She is loving all this center-of-attention stuff, let me tell you! :)~

The wedding took place at a little white church, up in the hills near our home.....

My cousin, Monika - the beautiful bride. :-)


Lucy and Mama :-)
And the reception took place in MY BACKYARD!  
FYI, throwing a party THAT big at one's house is a pretty serious endeavor!
And a lot of work.  

I failed to take pictures of most of the cute details that were incorporated, but here are a few ....
LOTS of chalkboards with cute script.

Candy Bar
Scott cut up a log to make lots of flower "stands" - very cute!
Orchids in water-filled hurricanes ...
and old milk bottles, tied with raffia, complete with striped paper straws for the guests beverages.

White lights galore ... and hops!
Beautiful. :-)
Lucy had a BLAST on the dance floor ALL. NIGHT.
I don't think she got off that dance floor once for about 3 hours straight!  She is a dancin' machine!
Dancing with Supernanny, Joy. :-)

And bridesmaid, Khoben.

And she LOVED  our pretty pink princess dresses.  So much FLUFF to play with! :-)
It was another beautiful wedding night, and although it was a lot of work .... it was worth it! :-)
(I just wish my yard looked that beautiful year-round!)


  1. Lovely pictures! Everything is just so beautiful.


  2. First, Lucy is a beautiful flower girl. You looked good, too, by the way. I can't imagine all the work that went into having the reception in your backyard. My heart started racing when I read that. My granddaughter will be a flower girl in 2 weeks, and I'm having the bridal brunch here that morning. I'm so nervous about it. I need to clean, clean, clean.
    Thanks for sharing those pictures. I just love weddings.

  3. Oh my goodness Bec, you are GORGEOUS!!! And Lucy too! And the yard and all of the wedding stuff...and the dresses!!! Overwhelmingly GORGEOUS!!!! ;) Oh how much fun!! And where did you get all of those cute milk bottles from? I've been looking for some for quite some time now!

  4. Gorgeous... Everything! The bride's dress looks amazing.

    I agree with Sara's comment... where did you get the milk bottles? I have only been able to find, for a reasonable price, bottles that have writings on them. I want smooth ones like you got.

  5. What a gorgeous wedding! You and Lucy looked AMAZING!

  6. Everyone and everything was soooo beautiful!!!

  7. What incredible pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Oh my goodness Becca, maybe in your spare time you can do weddings as a side business!!! LOL~ Absolutely beautiful, wow! JoNell

  9. These photos are gorgeous and your back yard is amazing!!!!

  10. What a beautiful wedding! And flower girl too!

  11. Wow, what a crazy beautiful wedding, bride and flower girl. I love your backyard too! Glad I decided to stop by your blog today :) Hope back to school is going well for you and not too overwhelming!

  12. Hello,
    Just found your blog through pinterest (40bags in 40days)!
    I love it, my fav colour is pink, you can see it on my blog lol.
    re:this wedding, it looks absolutely magical. Beautiful beautiful!!!
    I'm going to follow you, we never have enough pink in our life!!!


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