Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rest of the Photo Shoot ....

Sunday, I showed you some shots from my first "photo shoot" with my niece, Mackenzie ....
Now, here are a few just-for-fun pics we took that day, too -- Lucy, of course, was close by and wanted to be in the middle of the action! :)~
(*I didn't take the extra time to do any editing on these like the ones from the previous post!)

Love this one of her and Andrea (another cousin!) sniffing the flower. :)~
And apparently, Lucy and Mackenzie are very good at being mirror images of each other!  SO CUTE! :-)

...And if you're wondering if I've completely fallen off the crafting wagon .... well, I kind of have.  But only because we have another family wedding coming up this weekend (at our house this time - yikes! - lots to do around here!), and I've been spending my free time in my classroom, getting things ready for my new batch of kinder cuties.
Things might be a lil' s-l-o-w around here for the next few weeks, but I'll do my best not to disappear completely, I promise! :-)
Just gotta get back in the groove of a new schedule again!

Thanks for hanging in there with me .... I still have to do a double-take when I check my blog statistics on occasion and realize that there are several THOUSAND people visiting Little Lucy Lu every day.
Kinda baffles me.
Ok, it REALLY baffles me.
But I sure do appreciate you!


  1. Bec, why do you give yourself no credit for such gorgeous pics? These are absolutely fabulous!! I LOVE those mirror images. What kind of lense do you use?

  2. so so cute. good luck with the wedding and your upcoming students

  3. Becca, I agree with Sara, your photo's are gorgeous, I love looking at your blog everyday! Hugs, JoNell

  4. Rebecca, I just looked at your blog (it's been way too long) and it's amazing. You know I love the photos you took of Mackenzie and both she and Andrea loved the time they spent with you and Lucy (and Uncle Scott too)!! I love the ones of Mack & Lucy mirror imaging. She told me to go look at them. Will have to save them and keep them :). Mackenzie says she loved how Lucy said "I want to hold Mack" when she wanted Mackenzie to pick her up :)


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