Monday, August 1, 2011

Sweetness on a Swing

A "big girl swing", that is!
I took this photo of Lucy last week at the park ... her very first time on a real swing!
I think this is my favorite photo I've ever taken.
I love it.  
..... And that saying holds so much meaning.
Here's to hoping TODAY is miraculous....


  1. Oh I LOVE this picture!! And I hope today is miraculous for you! ;)

  2. Oh Bec, that is so precious! Her head full of curls is to die for. What a sweet picture to cherish. I hope it finds the perfect spot for display in your happy home.

  3. So cute! This is one for framing for sure.

  4. Hi Bec, I just found your blog and I love it! I feel like your craftiness is everything I want to be but haven't been able to be yet. If that makes sense? haha Your daughter is beyond adorable. I am looking forward to following along :) ~Jamie


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