Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Lovin'

With the family wedding last weekend .... and another coming up (at my house -- yikes!) this coming weekend, to say I have weddings on my mind is an understatement.
Sooooo ..... I decided to show you some wedding fabulosity I'm lovin' from around blogland today.

*Please click over to my "Wedded Bliss" Pinterest board for the direct sources to these awesome ideas!

I am just freaking out over these adorable ideas!
Which reminds me ..... friendly word of warning ..... looking at a lot of amazing wedding ideas REALLY makes you want to go back and get married all over again!
(To the same guy, of course!:)~

I'm lovin' ALL of these ideas!
From the signs.....

to the creative "guest books" .....

To the organizational ideas .....
To the personal touches ......
To the thoughtful favors .....

To the sweet treats .......
And lots of other fun ideas in between ......
And I'm just telling ya' right now .... if I could go back and re-do my wedding?  
I'd have THESE tables:
And THIS bouquet:
And I'd be doing it all in a BARN.
.... with my horses watching from the pasture.   
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Happy Wednesday!


  1. This is so inspiring! This is just how I want my wedding to be - simple, beautiful, quaint, homemade, and country. That would be amazing to be able to have your reception in a beautiful barn like that! Oh, if only<3

  2. So pretty! I love all of the little details, I'm currently planning my own wedding and find my self planning more and more rustic touches :)

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post :) Hello from your newest follower, Breanna :)

  4. Weddings give so much scope for a creative person like yourself. I love all of these fabulous ideas.

  5. Oh, such wonderful ideas!!!!! I'm with you, I often think, if I only knew then what I know now, or if I only had seen then what I've seen now, my wedding would be completely different. But, on the other hand, I wouldn't trade any of it, not even for a second, especially him. Just celebrated one year closer to our 50th, maybe we'll do a hum dinger of a party then... =)

  6. This post made me so happy. I can't wait to get married...hopefully one day. Happy Wednesday!

  7. Our wedding was in a barn....swoon. :)

    I have a question, when you post pics from your Pinterest board, how do you get them to look so good on your blog? When I do it on mine, they are really small pics but when I go to enlarge them, they get blurry.


    Thanks. :)

  8. Dont you just love Weddings and their small details. This is what got me into Wedding Planning in the first place. I love that people pay attention to the small things when it comes to such a big day.

    8 years of Wedding Planning was enough for me though, Brides can sure take a toll on you.


  9. I don't even know where to start! My sister is getting married in a few weeks and she is doing a fall theme too so these pictures just got me really excited!

  10. I had my reception in a was SO cool! But no horses watching...:( I have SO many things I would do differently now if I were getting married!! I guess now we can start planning our girls' weddings right? {grin} LOVE these pins Bec!! And you are so lucky to be able to go to so many weddings!!

  11. Um...Cuz? There's a bowling pin on your table centerpieces. What's up with that? :-)

  12. Beautiful pictures!! I love the "wishing tree" idea! I wanted to let you know, I have awarded your blog with the "Versatile Blogger Award"!! Go check out my current post for more info!! :)

  13. so beautiful. i have a board going on pinterest for vow renewal that we're hoping to do some day.

  14. The experience was awesome. My cousin picked this dress for her bridesmaids and I love it. It's a snug fit but it doesn't make me feel squeezed or anything like that.

    wedding bouquet


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