Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She's a "big kid" now! :-)

Well folks, as of a few weeks ago, I believe I can FINALLY officially say Lucy is potty trained!!!
I was honestly beginning to think this would NEVER happen.
Not kidding.

I have posted about potty training numerous times before .... sadly (and I'm almost embarrassed to say), my first potty training post was a year and a half ago -- at which point, I was pretty sure Lucy was "almost" potty trained.

(insert: hysterical laughing)
Ummm.... that didn't exactly work out.

I won't bore you tell you about about all of the details again (if you really want to read about it, you can click here), but what I will tell you is that what finally did the trick was this cute little scooter ....
She wanted this thing SOOOooooo badly.
So, we whipped up another trusty potty chart:
The plan: 
She would get a sticker every time she used the potty ... and when it was filled up, she would earn the scooter.
That might sound kind of extravagant, but c'mon .... I was reaching desperation, people.  
(And yes, I was still using the Potty Treats jar, too!!!)

Whether the scooter was really THAT great of a prize ..... or she just finally decided she was ready (probably the case), it FINALLY WORKED!!!
It's kind of amazing how quickly she has transitioned into a "big girl" all of a sudden, too...
(Do you think I can talk her into un-potty training now!?! :-/  I don't really think I'm ready to have a "big girl."  I'd much rather rewind, start over, and enjoy the past three years all over again, thank you very much.)

But alas ....
I now have a potty trained child.  
Who rides a pretty rad scooter.  
With a pretty sweet helmet.  
(I think she likes the helmet just as much as the scooter ... she wears it for about 3/4 of her day!)  
Safety, first! :-)

My advice to anyone nearing the potty training stage...???
Wait until your son/daughter is begging you to use the potty (no, I mean literally BEGGING YOU.)
Have ZERO expectations and have no estimated time of completion.  
'Cause it ain't gonna happen.  
At least not if you have a child as stubborn as mine.  

At least she's cute! :-)


  1. Congratulations! I felt the same way with both my girls, I thought that I would be putting them on the bus in a pull up. But you are right, wait until they are begging you bc they will just revert and it will be even harder to train.

    Now its time to have another.....;)

  2. Good job Lucy!! I got desperate enough to give erasers for each time Ally went....needless to say, she has a lot of erasers!! HA! Good to know Ally's not the only one who runs around in underwear...must be a three year old thing!! And I totally agree!! Whether or not we think we do it, THEY are the ones who do...when they are ready! I hate that people are so judgmental when kids aren't potty-trained EXACTLY when they think they should be....ugh!

  3. I agree on the waiting! It seems everyone is pushing kids to grow up. We waited with ours and she was basically potty trained in two days with only 2 accidents. Her age you might ask? She was two months shy of her 4th birthday! People thought I was crazy. But, we had no issues, no crying and no frustrated mom and dad. Great job!! Yeah for Lucy!!

  4. I wish I would have waited. I have been dealing with trying to potty train my two and half year old for.. forever. Its been a nightmare, and I would give anything had I waited till about now to start.

  5. congrats! i know its a big step for both of you my son is 31 months old and just starting potty training he is doing good so far but we'll see ... and yes i too hate judgemental people who think they know everything. :)

  6. How cute! My two little ones were potty training flunkies for a bit too. It's such a relief when they finally get it.

  7. Congrats! Potty training is soooooo hard. Just thinking about it makes me pretty grateful my daughter is still only 13 months old. haha! Lucy definitely earned that scooter and looks so adorable on it!

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