Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Big "3" Photo Shoot

Can you call it a photo shoot when the photographer has no idea what she's doing ...?
Well, anyway.  I took Lucy's pictures on Thursday morning - her third birthday. :-)
We were out taking care of the horses, and I grabbed this little #3-adorned chalkboard I made for party decor to use as a prop.
It didn't last long.
She was much more interested in the pretty red leaves falling from the trees.
So I took some shots of that, too. :-)
These are pretty repetitive, but I couldn't pick one or two favorites, so I'm just putting 'em all up here!
Hope you enjoy them!

I have recently begun venturing into the land of Photoshop Elements.
I need help, by the way, so if anyone has some simple tips to pass along, don't be shy! :)~
A few of the above photos were edited using some actions from Paint the Moon for Photoshop Elements.  The action titled "Awesome Sauce" is my very favorite! :-)
I don't know much about photoshop actions, but I've been thrilled with all that Paint the Moon has to offer!  Basically, these actions make using Photoshop Elements possible for me ... without them, I would be 100% lost instead of 75% lost.  Haha!
If you are like me and ready to start editing a little more, then I highly recommend starting with Paint the Moon!  She even has lots of awesome youtube videos to help you through the process!
Good luck! :-)

And as with every Sunday post, I'm linking up with Sara's Photo Swap!  Head over to her awesome blog to check out fabulous photo swap posts and lots more! :-)


  1. How adorable!!!! I am like you....a little lost when it comes to photoshop!!! I do love actions!!! I get a lot of free downloads here
    She has tutorials that I find very beneficial when I am "trying" to use photoshop.

  2. No tips, as you would know if you ever saw any of my pictures! I think these pictures are great. I love the frame idea and taking them outside. She is such a cutie.

  3. Hello, I stumbled across a picture of your Mom cave on pinterest and have been devouring your blog ever since. :) I was just curious if you know the name of the paint used on your walls in your craft room? It looks so lovely! Thanks. btw, Your daughter is such a beautiful darling! What a treasure! :)


  4. Becca, I can't pick a favorite either, they are all you have PS Elements 10? The last one I purchased was PS Elements 7 and I need to update...Is Paint your Wagon on PS Elements or another site? Happy Birthday "Wucy"~ JoNell

  5. oohs, meant Paint the Moon, J

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