Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

It's the BEST day of the year!
Lucy's birthday .... the big THREE!!!

I will never understand how life suddenly clicks into fast-forward the second your child is born, but three (blurry) years later, here we are celebrating our "big" three-year-old.

Three years ago on this day was truly the BEST day --- and little did I know then just how amazing this little girl would be.  I am beyond humbled that God chose ME to be Lucy's mama.

We had a little impromptu photo shoot this morning when we went out to the barn to take care of the horses ... here's a couple shots for you to check out. :-)
I'll have more later this weekend ...

I took the day off so I could spend all day with my birthday girl, and I asked her what she wanted to do today ...
Her answer included:  donuts, pumpkin patch, the mall, the "cowboy store" to get some new pink boots, and Jamba Juice .... and we have done them all (and then some!).
It's nap time now, and then we're off to Red Robin for some more celebrating tonight! YUM! :-)
And to top it all off, it is about as beautiful a day as we could possibly ask for here in the PNW.
What a perfect day for a perfect girl to have a birthday. :-)


  1. They are so sweet at that age (mostly), my boy will be 3 in November.

  2. LOVE this post Bec!! Happy 3rd to Lucy! ;) She's adorable!! Ally would like the part about going to the mall and getting cowgirl boots!

  3. She is so insanely adorable - love her sweet little curls!!

  4. I can't believe she is already three either. It goes by so quickly. She is so adorable and I hope she has a wonderful day. Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start.

    I think her Mama might have something to do with how wonderful a little girl she is:-) Enjoy!


  5. Happy birthday, Lucy! Those pics are gorgeous :).

  6. Great shots Rebecca! She is a lucky girl to have you as her momma. I told Grace that it was her birthday today and she got all excited because they are both 3 now:-) Sweet! I am not going to tell her that Lucy got new pink boots though because then she would want some too:-) We hope to see you two soon...maybe over the holiday break?

  7. Happy, happy birthday Lucy! :). Much love, Jen, Kyle and Korina

  8. Dear Bec...I stumbled upon your blog today as a result of a pin in Pinterest and also read your fertility challenges entry. I saw a picture of your Lucy and noted she was probably about my daughter's are not going to believe this!!! I felt compelled to scroll back through your older posts to see if you had blogged about Lucy's 2011 birthday. I guess October 27, 2008 was a busy day for miracles...because my own miracle baby, Brooklyn Hope, was born that day. At 7 weeks gestations I saw a familiar site in my quest for motherhood, a collapsed embryonic sack and no more heartbeat. I was sent home to let nature take its course for my 4th miscarriage and nearly went crazy in the following 3 weeks time. At that point, I called my nurse practitioner to schedule the medication to induce my miscarriage, but THANK GOD I asked one very important question "are we going to verify non-viability"? I got the biggest and most pleasant shock of my life, I was 10 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby! That is the short version of my miracle girl. I have been pondering writing down the long version recently and perhaps even creating a blog of stories to provide a resource for other women on their journeys in their quest to become a mommy...since as you and I both know not everyone takes the direct route to pregnancy & motherhood. Praise God that He is still a God of miracles!!! Blessings, Tamara

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