Sunday, October 9, 2011

Photo Swap Sunday!

Once again, I'm sneaking in under the wire (well, at least I am if you're on the west coast like I am, so let's just go with that, OK..?:)~

We've had a beautiful Fall weekend here ...
Here's just a taste:
Here's my handsome guy, taking a stroll around the pasture yesterday morning...
 I did some different editing on this one ... I'm hoping to post about it later this week (fingers crossed!).
 Walking up my driveway ... the gorgeous leaves match the barn -- I am so blessed to get to live here, I tell ya! :-)
 Today, we ventured out on our first pumpkin patch adventure of the year. 
Here's Lucy's buddy, Cam. :-)
 And my favorite photo of the day was taken right after Lucy tripped over her too-big-rubber-boots and did a face plant (luckily, on the grass and not into a mud puddle!)
Lots more pumpkin patch photos to come tomorrow ... see you then!
(And be sure to check out Sara and her Sweet Little Photo Swap!)


  1. What gorgeous shots Bec!! Your fall colors are spectacular!! I have always LOVED Oregon...always wanted to live there! LOVE the pic of cute little Lucy!! And Someday I will have horses to take pics of!! ;) Thanks so much for joining!!

  2. Hi, Bec

    I love your pictures. Lovely!

    I have some good news for you - you have been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award! I so enjoy your blog. YOU deserve it. You can find out more by going to:
    Have a great day!


  3. Wow, those fall colors really make me wish I didn't live in the desert of California! Just gorgeous!

  4. Your leaves are GORGEOUS! Ours aren't changing much where I am yet. I love all the pretty red colors.

  5. Thanks for sharing. These are very beautiful photos.
    New follower from the photo shop hop. Hope you stop by and follow if you like.

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