Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch, version 2 (Photo Swap!)

I warned you I would be back with more pumpkin patch photos ... and here they are!  (I told you we are practically SURROUNDED by these awesome places, so we just try to visit a different one every weekend .... and by the way, now Scott is convinced WE need to start our own "Fall Festival".  Ugh.)

We got to enjoy Bauman Farms today with some of our best friends ....

...and CIDER.  (That last one doesn't fit so well, but it had to be mentioned, it's SO good!... especially hot, with caramel!:)~

Here are some of my favorites from today....
BFF's daughter, Lily, on the giant bouncy pillow!
 Lucy, watching the goats and geese.
 Cutest lil' piggy ever! :-)
 She spent several minutes "talking" (baaaa .... baaaaa!) to the sheep...
 I couldn't resist throwing this one in here ... hilarious! :)~
 The farm last weekend had a cow train ... this one, a ladybug train.  SO. CUTE.
 Terrible picture, but this is the "nut house" - a little pen, filled with filberts (hazelnuts) - the kiddos LOVE it.  
 And Lucy is quite the little rock climber! :-)  
(with a little help from Daddy)
So thankful for days like today.
Celebrating the beauty and fun of the Fall season in the Pacific Northwest -- with old and dear friends.
Life is good.
Linking up with Sara for her Photo Swap Sunday!  Come on over and take a look! :-)


  1. Looks like an amazing pumpkin patch and your daughter is such a cutie! Hope you are going well!
    Jenn :)

  2. You should start Fall festival thingy! We can provide all the toys!!! Miss you and Wuxy :-(


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