Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkins! ... Angry Birds Style

In case you're just tuning in, I'm a teacher.
And at my school, our staff competes in a pumpkin decorating contest every year.
Our student body casts votes for their favorite entry throughout the week before Halloween by bringing in canned food (one can = one vote).
Last year, I was in the top three with a super cool cheeseburger pumpkin ... so this year, I'm hoping for #1!
The trick is appealing to KIDS!
So, I decided to go for the game that's all the rave right now .... ANGRY BIRDS!
And after perusing some pumpkin pinboards on Pinterest, I got some great ideas and got to work.
I spray primed my five pumpkins (sounds silly, I know...), then spray painted them, and cut out the eyes, beaks, etc. out of colored card stock, and hot-glued them on .....

What do you think???
Would you vote for my Angry Birds pumpkins!? :-)

**Side note:  Volleyball season will be ending for me after this week!!!  That means more time for my blog again!
I can't wait to get back "in touch" with all of you fabulous folks again!!!
See you SOON! :-)


  1. cute! and yay, I've missed you around here! ;)

  2. Very cute!!! I think I will go play Angry Birds now.....

  3. I'm totally not into angry birds at all, but my daughter thought your pumpkins were pretty cool!

  4. Those are so cool!! I showed them to my 5yr old son who has passed all my angry birds levels! lol and he LOVED them! :)

  5. I love this. Please link it to my linky party & anything else you have to share. Thanks, Peggy.

  6. Oh, I think they are adorable! You should win for sure!

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