Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bubba ... and Photo Swap Sunday

In case you're just tuning in, let me introduce you to my main equine man ....
This is Bubba.
Well, his name is actually Laredo .... and I have absolutely no idea why I call him Bubba, but I do.
(And if you want to get technical about it, his real name is actually a bunch of words, with Laredo somewhere in the middle .... I don't know where people come up with some of the registered names they give to their horses!)

No, I didn't get to name him.

I've owned him since just after his third birthday ... seven years ago!
Bubba has a nice side ....
 .... and he has an evil side!  
HA!  No .... he doesn't really have an evil side, personality speaking .... but don't you think the right side of his face makes him look like a big ol' meanie!?

In all actuality, Bubba thinks he is (and therefore, acts like) a dog.
No kidding.
I am 100% sure he would crawl into my lap and sit down if he would fit.
Ask anyone who knows him and they'll tell you the same thing!

He is a talented guy, and he loves to play "tricks" ... he can zip and unzip my coat with his teeth, enjoys turning the lights off and on, can escape from his stall if it's not locked with a special (Bubba-proof) lock, "helps" Scott fix fence (by carrying all of his tools away with his teeth .... no, Scott does not find this entertaining), and has tried to climb into the wheelbarrow a time or two.
He is the BEST horse, in just about every way possible, and I am SO thankful to have him.

I'm especially thankful lately because Bubba got into some trouble a couple of weeks ago.
Truthfully, I don't even know what happened, but I do know that I arrived home to find his back legs soaked in blood.
I don't do blood, by the way.
(...Well, that day I did!)

Long story short, somehow he got the back straps on his blanket caught on something(???), and the buckle acted like a knife and sliced into the artery in his right hind leg, way up high in that big muscle -- lots of open flesh - ugh.  ick.  yuck.  
...and HELP.
It may have been a blessing that no one was home to witness this whole catastrophe, because otherwise, the blood that was gushing from his leg may not have clotted (because I likely would have been attempting (note:  I said attempting) to doctor it, which may have kept it from clotting).
Who knows.
All I know is, thank the Good Lord, it had clotted and (mostly) stopped bleeding by the time I got home and saw it.
He had to have lost an enormous amount of blood though.
And if the buckle would have sliced across the artery (rather than along the artery), he almost surely would have bled to death.
SOOoooooo glad that didn't happen.

In fact, his wound is already (mostly) healed up -- and Lucy and I took him for a ride the other day!
He was good as new.  :-)

By the way .... 
Have I ever told you how it makes my heart sing to see my baby in a saddle?  
Oh .... I have?  
Well, now I'm telling you again.  
I just can't help it.  
There is NOTHING better than this sight!  

Meanwhile ...
Bubba got a new blanket (or jammies, as we call them!) out of this whole ordeal. :-)
I cut the remaining leg strap on his other one in a moment of panic/fear, vowing I would never let this happen again.
....And then I realized the straps are kinda -- um .... there for a reason.
They pretty much help keep the blanket ON the horse.
Minor detail.
But his new one is pretty darn cute, dontcha think!?  (It's a Landa Freestyle from WeatherBeeta ... and it's been put to good use already, with the lovely NW rain - and now freezing temperatures that have begun to make their appearance the last few days.)

But Bubba is perfectly happy in his new jammies .... eating the day away.
(It's what he does best!)

Happy trails to all of you this week!  :-)
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  1. Amazing, beautiful and your daughter is adorable on the horse (and otherwise). =)

  2. Oh I love Bubba too, and I am also very thankful that I wasn't there to see his leg gushing with blood, but I am more thankful that he loves to be hugged everyday and hugs back with his head! I don't know what I'd do without those. We just need him to teach Freddy how to do them!

  3. Oh Bec. Even I liked this post.... =)

  4. Hi, Bec

    What a great post. I fell in love with Bubba! LOL Great pictures too. Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. I'm a pretty new follower, so I liked "meeting" Bubba :)

    Haha, I used to have a horse whose registered name was Decker's Treasure (not so bad, we called her Treasure) and my best friend's horse was registered as Broker's Bonanza Lass (we called her O.D.) which was definitely a little weird. Haha, there are some very LONG and very strange registered names out there!

    I boarded my horse at a stable about 5 miles from my house. The owner of the stable had a boyfriend who wasn't my favorite person. Well, one day she was working late so her boyfriend brought the horses in for the night. He was drinking and forgot to close the door that led up to the ramp for the manure spreader. When he brought my horse in, she headed for the ramp and he didn't stop her in time. She fell into the manure spreader and it literally sliced up her legs and poked her belly. It was seriously miraculous that she was okay! With lots of TLC she was better in no time, but it was a really scary time and there was lots of blood so I know how you feel! I'm glad your Bubba is doing well and that it wasn't any worse! He's beautiful!

  6. What a gorgeous guy! How old is he? Glad he's ok, what a scare!

    He does look like he has an evil side in that picture. :-) Glad it's not the case.

  7. Poor Bubba! Glad he is getting better. LOVE this post...can't wait till I have my own beauties to post about!!


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