Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunting Widow

Yep, that's me.
The hunting widow.
What's a hunting widow, you ask...?
Personally, I like the definition found on Urban Dictionary:
Hunting Widow:
A state of complete physical and emotional abandonment caused by the husband's preference to hunt animals in the wild for days on end instead of spending quality time with his wife at home.

OK.  Maybe I'm not that pathetic, but I think this time of year -- also known 'round these parts as "hunting season" is definitely my least favorite time of year.

It is also a very good reminder of why I will NEVER.  EVER. choose to be a single parent.
I don't like having to do ALL the chores by myself.
I don't like not having another person (that's not a toddler) to talk to at the end of the day.
I don't like never having a "break" (aside from bedtime).
And speaking of bedtime .... I especially don't like not having the built-in foot heater lying next to me in bed every night.
And wearing socks in bed just bugs me.
My feet are tired of being cold, dang it!

But meanwhile, my husband (aka: The Great White Hunter), is off in the northeast Oregon wilderness, thinking he's going to shoot one of these ...
Why anyone would want to shoot something like that is beyond me, but that's a whole other can of worms....
But if you're a "Bambi" fan like I am, here's the good news .... in the years since my husband and his brothers have been going on this "elk hunting" trip, I have yet to see an elk be harmed in the process.
As a matter of fact, I no longer even refer to this trip as a hunting trip, but rather a camping trip -- or maybe even more appropriate -- an eating/drinking trip.

The reality is they 1) eat like kings for eight days straight, 2) drink ridiculous amounts of beer, 3) traipse around in the woods, 4) play in the snow .... and then come home, vowing to "get 'em next year".
Sure you will, honey.

Now, hurry up and come home!  My (ice-cold) feet can't take much more of this....


  1. I can relate!!! I go from a harvest widow right into a hunting Luckily for me all our friends come here to hunt deer so I have "social time" in the evenings when they return. They do eat like kings while they are here.....I'm the one who cooks it all for them, but I don't mind. Good luck!!!

  2. OMG I love your post. I think we are twins. My husband also enjoys hunting but I think his trips are just like your husband's : Drinking and hanging out. Mine actually is not going this year so I guess I won't be a widow this season. And my feet are always cold and I have my husband constantly sitting on them to warm them up. LOL! Hope your time without the hubby goes fast!

  3. You're hilarious, though very truthful!! I am not a hunting widow, but very much a farming, recently harvest widow. And yeah, being a single parent is very tiring and wearing on the health!! Ugh!!

  4. My husband bought his first (non military issue) rifle not too long ago and has yet to shoot a deer. I enjoy every one of your posts.

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