Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lucy's Olivia (the pig) Party!

When I asked Lucy what kind of birthday party she wanted about three months ago, she quickly responded with "OLIVIA!"
Lucy L-O-V-E-S Olivia.
Of course I searched high and low for Olivia ideas, but I didn't have much luck ...
So I had to get creative all on my own. :)~

I already told you all about the invitations back HERE...
And I also told you about all of Olivia's "Rules of Life" (LOVE them!).   
I wanted her "rules" to be a little bit of a theme throughout the party, so I made little pennant signs with random rules (some "official" Olivia rules, some made up by me!), and placed them on the food tables, cake tables, etc.  
(I traced and cut out the pennant shapes on scrapbook paper, then hot glued wooden skewers in the crease, and stuck them in blobs of red and white play-doh!)
I kept the pennant thing going with a banner I made with the same scrapbook paper and adorable punch-out letters from the teacher store (The Learning Palace).  
I hung the banner on an old wooden ladder above the cake and candy table ... loved it! :-)
The cake ... the FABULOUS cake ... was made by my talented niece, Krystina, who has a cake business here in our town.  The big ol' Olivia ears were the BEST!
I wanted to do (slightly jazzed-up versions of) Lucy's favorite foods for the party.  
Ham and cheese sliders (using THIS recipe from my Pinterest board), and yummy baked mac & cheese!
We had bright red punch served in old glass milk bottles with cute labels and red/white striped papers straws (purchased from Sur La Table).   
Olivia's a pig (in case you hadn't noticed).  And what do piggies like to do...?  
Play in the mud, of course! 
So, I decided some "Mud Masterpieces" were in order for the party guests ... (except we used chocolate pudding instead of mud!:)~  
Much tastier. :-)
And fun for kiddos of ALL ages! 
I also strung up a line of pictures from Lucy's 3rd year ... one photo from each month over the past year.  
And of course, the best "rule" on my old window-turned-chalkboard,
#100:  Red is the very best color for absolutely, positively everything. :-)
Olivia party in Instagram ....
(Goody boxes were purchased on, and I printed off a sheet of "Mud Masterpiece" labels to attach to the kids' artwork.)

I think Lucy loved her Olivia party ... the next morning when she woke up, she said, "Mama, I wanna have an Olivia party again!"  

Mission accomplished. :-)

And, of course I had so much fun putting this all together, I almost wouldn't mind doing it all again.  
I said almost .....


  1. AMAZING! Cute beyond words. Just love your ideas and this one takes the cake :)

  2. I agree!! This is the most DARLING party EVER!! I must pin this ASAP AND (I've been waiting to ask you this for some time now hehe) this would be an AWESOME post to link up at my turquoise lovin' party!! :) Lucy has the best mommy ever!! Who wouldn't do anything for a party like this?!!

  3. What a cute party. So creative and colorful. These are the colors of my craft room redo, so I'm checking out your ideas carefully. Well done!

  4. What a cute party down to every cute detail. The rules through out are especially a nice touch.. Oh and the 'mud' painting!

  5. I absolutely LOVE Olivia too!!
    You did a spectacular job with Lucy's party!!

  6. Love it! The mud paintings are very creative. Wishing my little girl was young enough for an Olivia party now.

  7. What an absolutely adorable party. Pinning this for future ideas. :)

  8. So very cute! I love the fingerpainting with pudding idea. I may have to do that at one of our parties!

  9. This is AMAZING! I love the colors!

  10. Oh my goodness, AWESOME PARTY! Best Mom EVER!!

  11. WOW and WOW. Love the colors, the creativity and everything :)

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  12. WOW! that party looks amazing! We are loving all the details! especially the bunting!

    Team Craftwell

  13. You are a superb party planner! Love it! Can I hire you? Lol.

  14. Wow you are a super party planner that looks amazing!


  15. My little one LOVES Olivia! GREAT party!

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    OOH! AND, I'm your newest follower! ;)

  17. So cute! What memories you are making for her. I am hopping for Sit Back today ...


  18. This is wonderful. Wish my Mom would have put together a birthday party like this, maybe I can still ask her. :) Maybe, she'll think that train has already left the station. Guess I'll have to wait for a granddaughter. I'm a new follower on GFC, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. I'd love for you to follow me too. Blessings,

  19. Funnest party ever. ALl the details are just so adorable. I love the ears on the cake.

  20. fantastic party! That cake is incredible!! And the Mud Masterpieces will be treasured by their owners (and the owners mommies and daddies) for a long time!

  21. This is so cute and wonderful and she looks like she had a great time!

  22. WOW!! This entire party is incredible! I am so impressed! :) I love Olivia! You are such a talented photographer, Bec!

  23. Such a cute party and very unique! Love all the colors and that cake is just fabulous! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark. I'll be featuring this today. Have a great Sunday!
    Jenn :)

  24. featured this today at my blog! it's so great!

  25. Your daughter is precious!! I know she enjoyed her birthday party! Everything looked beautiful! Great job!!

  26. Cute party and very unique, she is enjoyed her birthday, which is easy to get idea from your shared photographs. All the colors and that cake is just fabulous!

  27. Holy cow! This is awesome! Those decorations are ABSOLUTELY adorable! Almost as cute as your little girl! And you are right, we have more in common than I realized! I am jealous of your free time... I coach basketball so I am just getting started with the madness! I am excited that we have so much in common!

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    Have a great week!!

  30. Love it! We are right behind you with a Olivia party coming up at our house in December. She is such a cute little character I almost don't mind having a character party!


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