Saturday, November 19, 2011

Old Sewn New ... new Etsy shop!

My last post .... (you know, the one about the best ugly Christmas sweater source around!?) reminded me about another shop I've been meaning to tell you about.
A long while back (like last Spring?), this lil' old blog reached 100 followers.
At the time, I promised to feature whoever signed up to be my 100th follower .... only problem was, she didn't have a blog (or shop) to be featured .... until now!
Kristy takes the damaged vintage dresses and coats from Rusty Zipper and gives them a new job!
The vintage (mostly polyester) fabrics like this ....
 ... become pillows, grocery bags, totes, and more!
This tote, for example ....
.... was made from the sleeve of an old coat (you can totally see that fabric in an old coat, can't you!?)
What a great way to repurpose old clothes!

Old Sewn New .... go check it out on Etsy and add it to your list of favorites! :-)
And thank you,  Kristy, for being my 100th follower!!!


  1. Great ideas and a nice way to preserve the past!

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