Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Lovin' ... Tiny Prints Edition!

You've all heard of Tiny Prints, right?
I love love LOVE Tiny Prints.  I've been using their awesome invitations for years -- for every party, baby shower, or bridal shower I've hosted ... (and if you know me, you know that's a LOT of invitations!!!).
I've never been disappointed by Tiny Prints' selection or quality, and because of that ... I just keep going back!
And of course Christmas cards are no exception.
Here are our Christmas cards from the last two years ...
It wasn't until I took a photo of them a few hours ago that I realized how similar they were!  Ha!
Apparently, my taste didn't change much from one year to the next! :)~
I prefer sweet and simple.  :-)
....And of course ... a little bit of vintage flair, if at all possible!  (Going with black and white images helped!)

This year, I started browsing through Tiny Prints gorgeous Christmas card selection the day after Halloween!
I think having a particular card/style in mind actually helps when I'm taking Lucy's photos for our Christmas card..... then again, I also think sometimes when you get the perfect photo, it's all about finding the perfect card to fit the photo.
But that is SO SIMPLE with the HUGE selection and endless possibilities at Tiny Prints.

Check out some of the cards I'm lovin' from their Christmas card collection this year....

I LOVE the bright, cheeriness of these next few -- and how adorable is it that the backs of the cards even coordinate!?  LOVE!
Click HERE to find this card. 
Click HERE to find this card.
Click HERE to find this card.

I LOVE the simplicity of this card ..... 
Click HERE to find this card.

I LOVE the idea of a Christmas card doubling as an ornament!  What a nifty idea!
They are so beautiful, they might as well hang on the tree, don't you think!?  

 .... And then we've got a little bit of vintage.  
I LOVE them all!  
How will I ever choose!?  
Click HERE to find this card.

Click HERE to find this card.

Click HERE to find this card.
(I think I'm actually leaning toward this last one ... something about the postcard just seems so sweet and simple .... right up my alley! :-)

Do you have a favorite in my picks...?
And of course, you'll have to jump over to the Tiny Prints Christmas Card Collection yourself and pick your own favorites, too!  

And guess what!?  
I'm getting 50 Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints for FREE, simply by publishing this post!  
And you could, too!  
If you're interested, click HERE to submit your blog and information! :-)
Thank you, Tiny Prints!!!

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