Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best of Little Lucy Lu, 2011

{Cue trumpets}

Presenting .....

The best projects of 2011, as seen on Little Lucy Lu!

OK .... well, they're MY opinion of the best projects, anyway.
And I hope some of them have been inspiring to some of you this year, too!

Before I get to the big list, I just have to tell you how fun it was to re-live the year via my "Projects" label button.
It was right around this time last year that I became a real blogger (or as close as I'm going to get, anyway!), and it makes me a tiny bit proud to see how my little blog baby has grown over the year ..... (even though I didn't reach my secret goal of achieving 1,000 followers by the end of the year).

At least I got close.

And truthfully, I never dreamed this blog would be something I would even be able to keep up with.
So, if for no other reason, I'm proud of just THAT -- that I made it through a whole year, with only a few bumps and bruises to show for it (haha!).

But now .... let's get back to the list (in order of appearance):

Alphabet Magnets I made for Lucy
 .... a huge improvement over those cheap plastic ones on everyone's fridge!  These have been SO much fun for Lucy, and I can actually say I LOVE having them displayed in my kitchen!  They are so cute!  

A serious BLESSING for me .... and all of my extra-long jeans that can now dry happily in their own special place.  
This has totally transformed our laundry room -- and doing laundry, in general.  
It is so nice not to have clothes drying on every other hook, cupboard door, chair-back, and any other place I could find! 
(*I think this has been my most popular post to date, as well .... with nearly 150,000 page views!  Wowza!) 

which resulted in our very first successful garden!!! 

I'm still kind of amazed I actually thought of this.  
And considering they were basically FREE (aside from some spray paint), and are so PERFECT for holding/displaying books in Lucy's playroom, I'd say it was a pretty darn-good invention, if I do say so myself!  :-)

The "command center" (made in an old window screen) AND my old desk makeover.  
These are two of my FAVORITE things in my mom cave!

Speaking of the Mom Cave .... 
That has DEFINITELY been the highlight of my year, creatively speaking.  
You have to check out my Craft Room Mega Post if you missed it the first time!  

And the last two favorite projects both came in December ... 

(which is now so covered in Christmas cards, you can hardly see the tree!)  
Love BOTH of these projects .... and look forward to using them again next year!

Whew!  What a fun year!
Which project was your favorite ...???

The comments you have offered and the support you have given for my projects - and the blog, in general - has meant so much to me!  



  1. OK... so I tried to pick a favorite but I'm between the laundry ladder rack and the tree christmas card holder. They are all adorable but those two are super awesome. Definitely pinning them!

  2. Hi there! I popped in from The Girl Creative because she recommended you highly. I love the projects you posted here and think they're all cute. I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing myself so far but I love being able to share my ideas with others. Nothing is more fun than seeing someone trying their own version of an idea I came up with. I'm so happy to hear that over the past year you've seen such success with your own blog and with sharing your adorable ideas with others. I hope 2012 sees even more followers for you and even more inspirations.

  3. The ladder one was the one that brought me over from finding it on StumbleUpon. You're such a creative person and I always look forward to your posts!

  4. I'm relatively new to your blog (via Pinterest) and I'm loving it! 2011 looked like it was amazing and I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2012.

    I love your Christmas card holder! Also, your Mom Cave is pretty awesome. All in all, I must say that I love the pallet bookshelves and have them on my 2012 to-do list!

  5. Congrats on the great year of projects! It's a hard choice but the ladder rack was probably my favorite!

  6. You have SUCH amazing projects!!! I am ALWAYS so inspired by you and I can't wait to see what you come up with in the New Year!!!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy

  7. I love your craft room/mom cave!! That is a dream of mine for sure. I also really love your style! Looking forward to seeing what you create in the new year!"

  8. You should be very proud of yourself and all your crafty creations. I just want to say thank you for sharing them and how much I appreciate your blog!

  9. I love your favorite project was your mom cave. I love your desk, especially the stacking basket.
    Fruity Lemonade & The Very Busy Kindergarten

  10. You are the most creative lady I know!! Way to go this year. I don't know how you keep up with this blog, be super mom and super teacher! You are my inspiration : )


  11. I started following your blog after seeing your pallet bookshelves, so those are by far my favorite! I even had my brother make some to hang in my daughters' rooms and we all love them! I'm going to have to make some of those alphabet magnets now though...they are TOO cute!!! (And you're right...sooo much better than the cheap plastic ones!)

  12. You really are amazing and inspiring. Your craft room is still my fave:)I would love for you to come link up at my party this weekend!

  13. Your stuff is so beautiful ;) Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower and I think your blog is cute. I would appreciate it if you came to my blog and followed me too!

  14. Well I will be a new follower today. I've seen your ladder in your laundry room alll over Pinterest. Glad to stumble across you from the linky party ;)

  15. I love love love the bookshelves I'd love you to add this (and any other posts you like) to my What We Wore and Made Party over at

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