Monday, December 5, 2011

Building towers for Jesus ...

Before I get started on today's "story" .... I have to remind you of THIS post from a year ago:  "Baby Jesus is Missing!"

I bought the Fisher Price Little People Nativity set for Lucy last year, and she quickly became OBSESSED with it --- particularly with baby Jesus.

Well ... let's just say, not much has changed since last year, apparently.
Ever since busting the nativity set back out about a week ago, she has been playing with it almost non-stop.

Joseph, going for a ride on the camel! :-)

However, whereas last year, she did a lot of pushing baby Jesus around in her shopping cart .... THIS year, baby Jesus is getting to have all kinds of fun!
He's already been to a tea party (where he hung out IN a teacup), has had a lesson or two in potty training (and has come darn close to ending up IN the toilet), and has spent several nights in Lucy's bed, right alongside her.

On this particular day pictured, she informed me she was "building towers for Jesus!" ... (she was VERY excited about this).

She had built a tower out of blocks for every character in the nativity set, and I was totally entertained listening to the conversations the characters were having with each other ....
Suddenly, she starts yelling "No, God!  ...... No, God! ...... Stop that, God!"

I (being quite curious about why in the world she would be yelling at "God") peeked around the corner to see what was going on.
I watched as JOSEPH kept falling off of his tower.

The following conversation ensued:
Me:  Lucy, why do you keep yelling at God...?
Lucy:  Because he keeps falling off his tower!!!
Me:  Who keeps falling off his tower...?
Lucy:  This guy! (holding up Joseph) Jesus' daddy!
Me:  Oh!  That's Joseph!
Lucy:  No.  It's God.  God is Jesus's daddy.
Me: ...... oh ........ ummm ......... yeah .........?

Can I just tell you .... it is difficult to explain this to a (barely) three-year-old!?
Well, regardless .... I'm glad she still "loves Jesus" and at least she's (sort of) getting the idea!

Oh ..... and I also liked the part where she told me Jesus was like a burrito, rolled up in a nest! :-)
Love my girl.


  1. oh, that is tricky. i think at three years old there is nothing particularly wrong with her thinking that Joseph is "God" because he's Jesus' daddy - she is just play-acting what she knows anyway - and as long as she doesn't continue to think that in the future.

    I think it would also be OK to sit down and try and explain it in three-year-old terms: i.e. "Let's talk about Jesus's mom and dad. He had a "dad" on Earth named Joseph who took care of him like your daddy takes care of you. But Jesus was really God's son, and God lives in Heaven, so that is why we don't call Joseph 'God'." etc. She may still continue to do that anyway, and that is OK for now. It will click.

  2. Don't ya just LOVE how little girls play? Ally does that and I wish I could record the conversations she has!!! ;) LOVE this post!

  3. Very cute! I got my daughters this set on sale after last Christmas and they have been playing with it so far! My daughter said "Baby Jesus is so cute!" when she first got it.

  4. So So Sweet. What a cute nativity set. Wasn't around when my girls were little. :)

  5. What an adorable and heartening story! Thank you so much for sharing xo


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