Monday, December 26, 2011

the day after ....

ornaments packed away
tree outside, waiting to be burned
needles vacuumed
more needles vacuumed
stockings down
carols sung
nativity celebrated
food consumed
more food consumed
family visited
pictures taken
old toys out, new toys in
gifts given
thanks given
love shared
memories made

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have I ever mentioned how much I loathe this day?
It has to be one of the most depressing days of the year for me.
Not to be a downer here .... but I just hate seeing "Christmas" slipping away, until another eleven months goes by.
For this reason, I try to get my house cleaned out and un-decorated as quickly as possible.
(This year I actually waited until the day after Christmas ..... usually, it's Christmas night at 10 p.m.!)
Yes .... I know.... I'm weird.

However, to look on the bright side .... I love the feeling of a CLEAN house, free from the extra Christmas clutter -- as well as clearing out the OLD to make room for the NEW.  :-)

I definitely have a love/hate relationship with this day.

Anyone else .....?


  1. Ha! I'm exactly the same. I can't handle the tree hanging around after Christmas and it always feels awesome to have the house back to 'normal'

  2. I agree. How can a grey January possibly live up to the colour and excitement of December and Christmas? My decorations started coming down today too- depressing! But really, it will be fun to re-decorate and fill the gaps left by the disappearing Christmas gear.

  3. Wow!! I must be easy going...I keep my tree up at LEAST for a week after Christmas and sometimes after that!! I like to hold onto the spirit for a little bit I guess. But I agree that it ends up feeling nice to get rid of the clutter after the fact...doing it is no fun at all though!! I LOVE the Christmas season. And hope yours was WONDERFUL!! LOVE you!

  4. Totally. This is the first year that I was excited to take my tree down, and all of Christmas was put away today. Usually I wait until New Year's Day.

  5. This is why I wish I lived in sunny So Cal. I am not a fan of winter. At. All. So I get so blue this time of year. I will be packing away my Christmas things next week....:)

  6. I'm kind of with you (although I do wait for a bit to take down the decorations). It feels so anticlimactic sometimes! I've been looking forward to putting up the decorations and having a very clean house for a bit! I'm a new follower! I hope you'll follow me back!

  7. I laughed when I read your post and thought - bet she'd be glad to not live here in the UK. It's tradition that our decorations go up on the 12th night before Christmas and then are taken down on the 12th night after Christmas so we have our deccies up until after the New Year. Here 26th December is a holiday as is the 2 days after the New Year, so most people take the time in between off from work to prolong the holiday feeling. We have Hogmanay (New Year) and it might even be bigger than Christmas round these parts! So it makes it easier to keep that magic feeling going for a bit longer. I must admit though it is really sad going back to work after New Year and having to take all the deccies down and settle in for a long dreary January... It also makes it hard to get motivated for your New Year resolutions and get the New Year off kicking and screaming cos you're so chilled and in holiday mode for 2 weeks lol. That's how we do Chrimbo in these parts - makes up for our lack of Thanksgiving in November methinks. Sorry long comment!

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