Sunday, January 30, 2011

nice outfit! :)~

Since I just put this picture on my (new and improved!) header, I figured I better explain a little ...
Lucy got this jacket from Deana and Dani for Christmas ... half pink/half camouflage - is that a match made in heaven, or what?! :)~ (can you sense the sarcasm in my voice?) ...Well really, considering who Lucy's parents are, it is actually a pretty perfect combination. And Scott LOVES it. He thinks it is the coolest thing he has ever seen. And apparently Lucy does too, considering the other day she came downstairs wearing it (she had put it on herself) ... and then proceeded to add the hat ... and topped it all off with a cheezy smile! Definitely HAD to take a picture of this! I love it to pieces.

Raisin, anyone? :)~

Saturday, January 22, 2011

finally ... a sunny day in January!

This picture was taken almost a year ago to this day...

It was kind of funny to realize that exactly a year ago, we were doing the exact same thing: taking advantage of a (long overdue) SUNNY day in the middle of winter with a ride on Ace - with Dani, of course. :-)

I think there are few things that make my heart sing more than seeing my baby on a horse. :-) (and clearly, loving it!)
And watching her brush down her horse afterwards is pretty sweet, too ... well, she brushes the underside of his belly and his kneecaps pretty good, anyhow! :)~
And this picture I love, too. That is my old wooden rocking horse from when I was a little kid. Someone made it for me (a great uncle or something?... I'll have to ask my mom about that), and seeing Lucy on it now is pretty special. :-) I think she likes riding this horsey because she can get on and off by herself! :)~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the things she says ...

Lately, it seems like we've gone from being amazed (and entertained) by the words Lucy says to the phrases and sentences she says.
Today, I got home from work to find she and Joy sitting at the kitchen table, munching on Cheerios (well, Lucy was munching on Cheerios, anyway:-). Joy said they had spent most of the afternoon (minus nap time) just sitting and talking ... and Joy said the latest funnyisms today were "yikes!" and "holy moly!". :)~
Here are a few of the other funny things she's saying these days ...
  • Oh my goodness/gosh/stars! (I mentioned in an earlier Christmas post this was a favorite as she was opening presents).
  • What's the matter, ........ huuuuuh? (if you could only hear her say this - she drags out the "huh?" for at least a few seconds - makes me laugh every time!)
  • Oh! There it is! ... (which she says ALL the time because she loves asking where things are - even though she already knows ... except when she says it, it sounds more like "Oh! Dar Diz!" - like she has some kind of crazy accent - so funny!)
  • I'm sad (in her cutest little pouty voice, anytime she is upset that she didn't get her way).
  • Oopsie-doodles! (I think she learned this one from Nana:-)
  • I comin' too! (as she's following me everywhere I go!)
  • Darn it! (and always at just the right time - hilarious!)
  • Ooooh, boy. (when accidents happen)
  • Mama's proud of you! (every time she does something she knows will make me happy:-)
  • And my latest favorite - she gets "No way, Jose'" and "Sorry, Charlie" (both things I often say to her) mixed up, and says "Sorry, Jose'!"
We often find ourselves saying, "What will she come up with next!?"
Who knows!? But it's probably going to be good for a laugh. :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ranch, ketchup, and jam ... oh, my!

.... and let's not forget the butter and "sub-up" (otherwise known to most people as syrup!).

Lucy has never been much of an eater. I know what you're thinking ... where did she get that from??? I guess it must be Scott because the people in my family sure don't have that problem (or luxury, perhaps?).
Enough about my problems.
Back to the story.
A few months ago, we discovered that she would actually eat things -- so long as it was dipped (read: smothered) in something! Ketchup, ranch, butter, sub-up, or jam...
Here is the evidence - and what she looks like after most meals: (Enjoy! ... sure does bring a smile to my face, anyway!)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Doggie, the candy thief...

Lucy is getting smarter, that's for sure. Just had to share this story from last week....

I was making breakfast one morning when Lucy wandered into the kitchen and eventually ended up at Daddy's candy drawer (for those of you who don't know, Daddy is a candy MONSTER!:)~. Before I could catch her, she had already swiped a junior mint and run off around the corner. I told her "no more!" and turned back around to check on the french toast on the stove top.

Before long, she was back for more, and this is how the story continued:
Mama: Lucy, I told you no more candy. That's Daddy's candy.
Lucy creeps closer to the drawer.
Mama: Lucy, stay away from the candy drawer, please.
Lucy stands under the candy drawer and slowly starts to reach for the handle.
Mama: Lucy, if you touch that candy drawer again, you're getting a spank.
Lucy runs around the corner, and (with my back turned) I can hear her return a minute later.
And then in her sweet, innocent little voice ... she says, "Doggie open it ...?"

A little confused, I turned around to see this: (luckily, my camera was sitting on the kitchen counter!)
Apparently, I forgot to mention that Doggie was not allowed in the candy drawer, either.
Don't let her cute face fool you, she is a tricky one!
And this was her laying on the floor, throwing a fit after I still wouldn't let her get into the candy drawer ...

For some reason, I have a feeling there will be many more stories like this this year....
Happy New Year!