Monday, May 30, 2011

From Pallet .... to Bookshelves!

Oh my goodness gracious!!!  I haven't been THIS excited about a project since my ladder laundry rack!  (Well, the mom cave is pretty exciting, too - but that's not done yet!:)~

I'm sure you've all seen the pallet-awesomeness floating around blogland .... I've seen some pretty rockin' pictures of pallet headboards, pallet coffee tables, and even a pallet kid's bed!  (Go to my Pinterest board HERE to see them!)

I asked helpful husband to bring home an old pallet from his latest job site for me (yes, it was FREE!) -- with the intention of turning it into a headboard of some kind.
But then I got to staring at that pallet ..... and something else popped into my mind!
The PERFECT bookshelves for displaying some of Lucy's favorite books in her playroom!

Check THIS out:

Whadyathink!?  Wanna see how we did this sweet little project....?
Well, read on, my friends!

Step 1 - cut straight through on the lines drawn below:
(Helpful husband used a hand saw for this part - what a guy!)
 Step 2 - use those extra middle boards to nail on the bottoms of the shelves:
 This is what they look like after steps 1 & 2:
 Step 3 - pry the middle board out of the shelf (to allow more room for books):
Step 4: Sand 'em down!  (I used an orbital sander.)
Here are the shelves, fully "constructed" and ready to be prettied up! :-)
 Step 5 - primer!
I brushed on Kilz primer ... wowzers, that stuff is pretty awesome!
It's like primer and wood filler, all in one!  It's so thick, it literally filled in a lot of the rough spots (which inevitably come with using an old pallet as your building material!).
 Step 6 - a couple of coats of paint (I used Rustoleum "Heirloom White").
I love that color, by the way.
 Ready to be moved inside ....
Bookshelves complete.
 The "construction" isn't perfectly smooth and straight .... but for Pete's sake!  They are made out of an old pallet, folks!?
 And besides ..... I LIKE the imperfections.
They add a little extra character, don't ya think?

 Lucy LOVES them, too!
And Mama loves that the top shelf is still a little too high for Lucy to reach, so the "good" books can stay up there .
(And hopefully by the time she can reach it, she'll understand that ripping out and coloring on pages is NOT OK! ... oops!)
I love this project SO much, and I hope you love it, too! :-)
Cute, functional, and total cost .... $6.00 (for the spray paint and primer).
Sweet! :-)

Soldiers and Jesus

It's Memorial Day, and nothing stirs freedom-lovin'-emotion in me like music does.  There are so many beautiful patriotic songs out there - but my current favorite (which is a fairly new song you may not have heard yet) - is called Soldiers and Jesus, recorded by James Otto.
I don't know how anyone can really listen to the words in this song and not cry .... I've tried multiple times, and it just doesn't work!
If you haven't heard this song, please take a couple minutes and do so .... and even if you have, but haven't seen it with this slide show - it is worth it to listen again.

Well granddaddy came home in a B-52 
In a pine box covered in red, white, and blue 
He was one of the brave and the proud and the few 
21 guns helped us say goodbye 
I stood there in silence trying hard not to cry 
As the preacher he quoted lines written in red 
And he folded his bible in a broken voice he said 

There's only two people whose ever died for me 
Laid down their lives just so I could be free 
They both went through hell bared crosses and shells 
And both got back up again after they fell 
They never pick a fight but they're there to pick up the pieces 
God only knows where we'd be without soldiers and Jesus 

It seems like the news loves to run em, both down 
Whenever we need em, there always around 
So don't hand me a parties political views 
There's left side and right side and then there's the truth 

There's only two people whose ever died for me 
Laid down their lives just so I could be free 
They both went through hell bared crosses and shells 
And both got back up again after they fell 
They never pick a fight but they're there to pick up the pieces 
God only knows where we'd be without soldiers and Jesus 

To me they're both heroes for the path that they chose 
One fights for my life one fights for my soul 

There's only two people whose ever died for me 
Laid down their lives just so I could be free 
They both went through hell bared crosses and shells 
And both got back up again after they fell 
They never pick a fight but they're there to pick up the pieces 
God only knows where we'd be without soldiers and Jesus 

Soldiers and Jesus 
Well granddaddy came home in a B-52 
In a pine box covered in red, white, and blue

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun-day Friday {Link Party #4}

Aw, heck .... it's close enough to Friday, right?
I think so!
And let me tell you .... I could USE your FUNspirational (I just made that up) link ups this week .... it's been -- well -- it's been one of those weeks.

BUT.  I did have ONE fun thing happen ....
Did you hear?!?
I .......... Bec .......... Lucy's mom ........... author of this-here blog ............WON SOMETHING!!!
From one of the most rockin' blogs out there - Tatertots and Jello!!!  No, it wasn't the Silhouette {sad face} ... but I ain't complainin'!
I won a $50 gift card to Smidge and Pinch .... which has a-DOR-able party supplies like these cupcake toppers and sprinkles ....

Let me tell you, I'm gonna be havin' me some serious FUN in the kitchen when my order arrives!   Woohoo!
And I'm still in shock that I actually won something ..... I'm pretty sure that's a lifetime FIRST! :-)

And now, getting back to the reason you're here (well, at least I'd like to think so!).
Link up your FUN stuff, people!
And follow the rules!  (You know the drill .... take the button from my sidebar and put it on your blog somewhere, comment on other's links, yadda yadda...)

Have FUN! :-)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

{Random} Wednesday Lovin' ...

It's been awhile since I wrote a non-themed Wednesday post .... and seeing as how my mind isn't all too focussed this week, it seems like a good week to bring random back! :-)
Here goes!
  • I'm lovin' that there are only 13 days of school left! ....though I think I'm in denial that my kinder cuties are leaving me forever. :(
  • I'm lovin' all of the TV finales from last night!  .... except .... 3 things.  First -- did they really all need to be on the SAME NIGHT...?  Second -- how does one choose between Scotty and Lauren?  And third -- what the heck am I gonna watch on TV now???  (Oh, wait!  The Bachelorette just started and So You Think You Can Dance starts tomorrow!  Problem solved. :-) 
  • I'm lovin' the Oprah tributes this week (though I'm NOT lovin' that she's leaving her show!!!) ... I have watched in awe and amazement as Oprah has done so many phenomenal things over the last last 25 years.  I don't think you could watch her and not be inspired in some way.  It was a lifelong goal of mine to be in the audience for one of her shows, (in particular, one of these shows): 
..... but I guess that ain't gonna happen now.  Bummer. :(
  • I'm lovin' this wicker baby I scored at an antique shop last weekend .... for 20 BUCKS!  Just wait 'til I sick my spray paint on her!  (I'll be sure to show you the results!)

  • I'm lovin' that in just 10 short days, I'll be in Seattle for my very first blogging conference! 

  • I'm lovin' that Fun-day Friday is growing every week .... I sure hope I see YOU link up your FUN projects, activities, and ideas this week!
  • I'm lovin' that ......
..... and he's also RIGHT all the time.  He's God, after all.  :-)

  • And last but not least, I'm lovin' the blessing of this precious girl (and her best friend, Stella:-).

Don't forget to head over to This Kind of Love for more Wednesday LOVE!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog Swap with Love Sweet Love!!!

So I am TOTALLY stoked to be blog-swapping with Angela from Love Sweet Love today!
I think Angela is a SWEET lady with great style, impressive writing technique, and fabulous craft ideas .... please welcome her to Little Lucy Lu!

HELLO Little Lucy Lu readers! I am Angela, the voice behind the blog Love Sweet Love and I am THRILLED (and really nervous-like my hands are shaking as I'm writing this!) to be guest posting for my first time on one of my absolute favorite craft blogs! Bec has been so kind, patient and welcoming to me as I've started to slowly tip-toe my way into the craft blog world and I'm giddy excited to have this opportunity today!

I use my little corner of the blogging universe to share my creative ideas that involve easy DIY projects for the home, craft ideas for kids, thrift store makeovers, and holiday decorating (the reason I started blogging!). My life is over-flowing with Sweet Love and I needed a place to share it!! If you pop over for a visit you'll notice that every one of my blog posts has the words Sweet Love in there somewhere (kind of like a Where's Waldo type thing with words :) ) just to keep things fun!

Today I wanted to share a FUN tutorial with you on how to make a DIY Solar Lantern! Just in time for those late night summer get-togethers that are awaiting us right around the corner! (still a little cold in my neck of the woods!)

While Mr. Sweet Love and I were perusing Home Depot one day we saw a solar lantern and wanted it. What we didn't want, was to pay the $49.99 the price tag was requesting. So we stuck it to the man and made our own cause that's how we roll. It was so fun to make and turned out so darn cute (or cool according to the mr.) that I couldn't wait to share the how-to with you! Not to mention you'll be out the door for about 1/4 of the price-less if you have some of these basic supplies already!

First start off with one outdoor solar light from the DOLLAR store!

He was a little grumpy I was making him stop playing with said light to take pictures, so I told him Spiderman was going to come swinging down and take me away if he didn't smile...("No way!" he said)

Then you twist off the light part on the top to use for the lantern.

Next, using a 1/2 x36 square dowel ($1.68 from Home Depot-need TWO) you will need to cut:

  • 8, 4 inch dowels. (4 for your base and 4 for the top)
  • 4, 8 inch dowels to be your posts.

(and yes I really did cut ALL of these by myself, so you can too!)

For the top of our lantern we got a 6x6 Cedar Post Cap (I think it was about $4)

Using a spade bit and drill (the Mr. did this part :) ) cut a hole in the center of the cap for the light to fit into.

Like so:

Any gaps around the light can be filled with wood filler if your perfectionism kicks in...

Next, put some wood glue on 4 of your 4 inch dowels.

Glue each dowel (one at a time) down onto the underneath side of your cap leaving about a 3/4 space on each side like this:

Once that glue has dried, glue each of your 4-8 inch dowels vertically in your 4 corner spaces. We did ours where there was a little space left over going around the perimeter of the cap so that the lantern had a little dimension to it.

Finish this little beauty off by gluing your remaining 4, 4 inch dowels (one at a time) in-between your vertical posts.

Once the glue has dried (doesn't take long) flip her over and wa-laa! Check you out!

We felt it looked a little like a bird feeder at this point, so we decided to add just a little touch of character to it to give it more of a lantern feel. We did this by using a 1/4 x 36 square dowel (.86-need one) cut into 4, 4 inch dowels and then glued them about an inch and a half down from the top in-between each 8 inch post.

Now it's ready to be painted in any manor and color you choose. We went with spray paint in Rustoleum's black laquer because I wanted it to have a little bit of a shiny appearance. (but I think it would look awesome in a fun vintage white or turquoise to give the front of your house a little color!)

To make the inside of the lantern we used parchment paper, cut into an 8x16 rectangle. We then folded the paper every 4 inches, to give it a good crease and formed a little box shape.

Just kinda shimmy that box you formed into the lantern to give you a basic hold...

And then you can use thumbtacks to secure it in place! (we used an x-acto knife to cut any excess paper off the bottom of the lantern)

Yay!! Almost done!

To make the lantern holder we used about 3 feet of Rebar wire. I wanted kinda of a loopy thing on top so to get a good firm circle we used a pepper shaker to wrap the wire around.

Then we did a couple small loops around the bottom of the big loop to give it a nice finish. (rebare wire is really easy to mold)

Decide how long you want your lantern to hang and cut of the remaining wire.

Next, drill a small hole in two opposite sides of your lantern cap to place the wire into.

And insert your wire holder.

I loved how it was turning out, but I still felt it was missing something. Mr. Sweet love had the idea to wrap more small loops of Rebar around the bottom of the big loop and add some jute to the top of it. Scrumptious.

And with a touch of twine and a bow around the side, she was almost exactly how I had envisioned her. almost.

I wanted a little something that said...I made this, not The Man, so I added our house numbers to the front using black vinyl.

There. Personalized. And not too shabby for about $10-15.

And at night she lights up with all her sun given glory.

You could also use this as in indoor decoration as well (with or without the solar light on top)

Or maybe in a nursery in a soft pink color???

If it's in any space where it will receive any sort of light, it will still give off a really nice soft glow so it could even work perfect as a night light!

No matter where you choose to put it, this little piece of Sweet Love will rock your world. Promise.

You are welcome anytime-day or night :) to come and share some love with me over at Love Sweet Love; hope to see you there! Thanks for being such a great host Bec, I loved blog swapping with you!

Thanks, Angela!
What an awesome project!!!
See what I mean, guys!?  She's pretty awesome, isn't she?
Don't forget to go read more at Love Sweet Love!