Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photo Swap Sunday!

Time to do some photo swappin'!
Head over to Sweet Little Gals to join in the fun! :-)

My first three photos are my favorites from our park/lunch date with our friends this week.

One of my favorites (that I didn't already post) of Lucy on Ace ....
.... and sitting on an old tractor seat - too sweet!
And just for fun -- and just because I'm still so excited that I was actually THERE!
A picture from the big Barn House sale yesterday ....
Happy Sunday! :-)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Share the Fun Friday: Link Party {#5}

We have had a week of fun FuN and more FUN!
I don't know if we could have squeezed one more thing into these past four days!
Here's a glimpse at what we've been up to ....
The Enchanted Forest (which is an AWESOME little amusement park in our area) with Aunt Sephie and Uncle Michael, play date at the park with Cam and Sherry, baking cookies, riding horses, and fun at the lake with cousins .... and more fun in store for today and the rest of the weekend, too!

The downside of ALL of that fun is how FAST it makes the week go ....
But the upside is - I feel like we are taking full advantage of every special summer moment we can, and I love that!

Lucy has helped me bake lots of goodies this week .... she is loving to stir the batter, "break" the eggs, and pour ingredients into the bowl.  (And she's even a great help cleaning up!  Emptying the dishwasher is her specialty. :-)

On the subject of FUN in the kitchen, I wanted to share a few fun ideas I've seen in blogland this week ....
First, what kid wouldn't think painting their food is FUN!?  Go check out Living Locurto's idea (via Skip To My Lou) and simple tutorial!
I know Lucy would LOVE LOVE LOVE these Mickey Mouseified Oreos!  SUCH a fun idea from Kathie Cooks!
And finally, I think this tie-dyed cake just looks too FUN (and yummy!) for words!  Head over to Bee in our Bonnet for an amazing tutorial on how to make your own!

I am HOPING you all have some FUN THINGS TO SHARE, too!!!

Grab a button, link up, and SHARE THE FUN!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Craft Room Reveal .... Just Not Mine! {Guest Blogger: Born-Again Crafter}

Well, I know I'm taking forEVer to show you my craft room (aka: the mom cave), but I have an awesome treat for you!
My bloggy friend - and fellow Pacific Northwesterner - Lyssa, has SO sweetly offered to reveal HER craft room TODAY!  HERE!  ON LITTLE LUCY LU!  
Isn't she just the best!?!  
Please give Lyssa a very warm welcome ....
I live in a small town in the middle of the Cascade Mountains.  I am the mother of 3 beauties and am married to a great husband who understands my obsessions and lets me and again.  I have a serious case of the thrifties!  I love to find treasures and redo them!  I also love to do any type of crafts, like scrapbooking & home decor. 
You can find me over at born-again crafter!  I would love to see you over there! 
I am so excited to be over here with Bec today!  I was able to connect with Bec AFTER BLoggy Bootcamp at the beginning of June in Seattle.  We are both kicking ourselves that we didn't meet in person there!  But it was so exciting to find someone with similar likes and interests!

So I'm finally done with my blasted craft room! 
It's been months and months in the making & it is finished!  I started this project in January after we moved in and it's now the end of July.  Wow, it really shouldn't take someone this long!
Well let me show you a sneak peak of what it looks like now:

Before I go into detail, let's take a walk down memory lane of the transformation of my craft room, shall we?
Here we are in January, right after we moved in...yikes!  Just looking at this picture makes me feel overwhelmed!
Over the month I started decluttering and trying to make some order:
Then i got me one of these babies from Costco and made a huge dent!
It went from this:

To this!
Then I dejunked some more and tried to put stuff away.  It was so close! 

Then I stopped.  May came and I got busy with end of the year stuff, then summer came so my room stopped.  But in the meantime, i picked up some more pieces for my room. 
So a few weeks ago, I sat down and went to work!  And here it is:
This is the view you get when you enter the room.

Closet view & costco shelf
Free sewing desk with adorable Bumblebee & Sophie Sewing Machine cover!  They did a great job and I love the fabrics they used!!

Lovely shelf all organized!
More drawer space is awesome & my ribbon rack is a must!  (those cake plates were waiting to be used for something I will be showing you soon ;)  )
My inspirational quotes up on the slanted ceiling.
My closet all orgainzed :)

It feels so good to have a functional room to use now!  Most important things i've found is:
1- everything needs a home!  When it does, then you know where to put it back so you will find it again later!
2- Look in your home for things to use!  I had that dresser in another room!  It's been a great addition!
3- Dejunk!!!  So important!
Anyways, I am so glad that I am done with this project so I can move on to the next one with out feeling guilty ;)  Thanks for stopping by and taking this walk down memory lane with me!


Wow!  Great transformation, Lyssa!  I bet you are feeling GREAT having such an organized, functional space now!  
THANK YOU for sharing your craft space at Little Lucy Lu!

Head over to born-again crafter and leave Lyssa LOTS and LOTS of comment love!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Lovin'

Happy Wednesday!
EXTRA happy, actually .... because the FIRST thing I'm lovin' today is that my seester is finally HOME for a while!
We haven't seen her in a couple of MONTHS  (that's a long time for us!) -- so we are looking forward to spending lots of time with "Sephie" over the next couple of weeks.

The next thing I'm loving is equally exciting in a totally different way .... but I am totally LOVIN' that I will be going to THIS in THREE DAYS!!!!!
I am so stinkin' excited, I can hardly handle it.
BFF and I are going to have MUCHO FUN-O.
And we'll probably be spending MUCH DINERO, too.
(Don't tell our hubs, K!?:)~

And the last (and best) thing I'm lovin' today is .....
 ....the sight of my baby girl atop her horse. {sigh}
Best. Sight. Ever.
 Ace, the wonder horse, we LOVE you. 
(and you too, Dani) :-)

Head over to This Kind of Love for a whole lot more Wednesday Lovin'! :-)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Major Mirror Makeover

Are you gals sick of hearing about my Mom Cave yet!?!
I am sorry to keep you hanging ... but I just want it to feel "done" before I finally post the whole reveal.
It will be soon, I promise.
In fact, I guarantee I will post it within a week.
I think it will be worth the wait .... at least I sure hope you think so!

Meanwhile, I'm going to show you another mini project from the Mom Cave.
And here it is!
But here's the thing.....
It started like THIS:
Hi, Stella! (aka: best doggy in the world!)
So .... I taped off the mirror and painted it with Rust-oleum's Claret Wine.
Spray paint, of course.  :-)
And then, I painted three coats of Rust-oleum's chalkboard paint over the mirror.
(*Note: Make sure you wait a LONG time between coats - like 8+ hours.  Trust me, I learned this the hard way!  Oops!:)~
No, I'm not crazy -- just bein' goofy!

But in the end, I got it all fixed up and pretty!
Added one of my favorite Pinterest quotes with my beloved chalk ink marker, and called it GOOD!  
Then I took an old frame, put a nail in it and hung this baby in my Mom Cave! (aka: my new craft room that I'm going to show you in a week or less!)
Whadya think?
I love it.  It adds a bold contrast of color with my desk and command center, and it is really helping to pull everything in the room together.  
Just you wait and see! ;)~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Share the Fun FEATURES!

Thanks so much to all who linked up your FUN projects through the weekend!
Can't wait to try some of them out ....
I think these Buggy Footprints from 3 Lil' Monkeys are TOO CUTE!
 I LOVE creative party ideas .... and this Sock Monkey Party from Giggles Galore is just awesome!  Ya gotta go check out all the details!
I think they are SO cute ... AND I love how she uses them ... if you're a teacher, it's worth heading over to check out her idea! :-)
 And finally, one of my favorite gals out in Blogland -- Miss Natalie at Johnny In A Dress made this TOO CUTE hair bow holder for her little princess.  
(I know I already made one of my own, but seeing hers kinda makes me want another!:)~

Keep the FUN a-comin', ladies!
See you on Friday for another Share the Fun adventure!
Cheers to a great week!