Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Professional Flower Girl

I promised you more wedding pictures, and by golly -- I'm bound and determined to keep at least ONE of the promises I've made around here lately!!!  (My Photoshop Elements Adventure post is coming soon - I know I said it would be last week ... ugh!)
This past weekend, Lucy got to be a flower girl for the second time this month!
She is loving all this center-of-attention stuff, let me tell you! :)~

The wedding took place at a little white church, up in the hills near our home.....

My cousin, Monika - the beautiful bride. :-)


Lucy and Mama :-)
And the reception took place in MY BACKYARD!  
FYI, throwing a party THAT big at one's house is a pretty serious endeavor!
And a lot of work.  

I failed to take pictures of most of the cute details that were incorporated, but here are a few ....
LOTS of chalkboards with cute script.

Candy Bar
Scott cut up a log to make lots of flower "stands" - very cute!
Orchids in water-filled hurricanes ...
and old milk bottles, tied with raffia, complete with striped paper straws for the guests beverages.

White lights galore ... and hops!
Beautiful. :-)
Lucy had a BLAST on the dance floor ALL. NIGHT.
I don't think she got off that dance floor once for about 3 hours straight!  She is a dancin' machine!
Dancing with Supernanny, Joy. :-)

And bridesmaid, Khoben.

And she LOVED  our pretty pink princess dresses.  So much FLUFF to play with! :-)
It was another beautiful wedding night, and although it was a lot of work .... it was worth it! :-)
(I just wish my yard looked that beautiful year-round!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photo Swap Sunday!

It is the end of one of the busiest weekends EVER around here.
Another wedding ... (with the reception in my backyard) ... and all the work that comes along with that. (Emphasis on the work part.) :)~

My favorite photos this week are a combination of last weekend's fun AND a few sneak peeks of the wedding.  (I promise to show more wedding pics tomorrow!)

My favorite little person, sitting on a log down by our pond ... I just love this photo!
 Sherry and Cam .... I know the sun flare is a bit much here, but I still think it's cool!  
 Lilybug (my BFF's darling daughter), eating her s'more around the campfire at our house last weekend.
I think I could take pictures of those eyes every day .... geez!  Doesn't get any better than those!
 Lucy and her cousin, Grace, at our family reunion last weekend.  
I posted about Grace and Lucy a lot back in the "ol' days", the first year of their life, when we took pictures of them side-by-side once a month ... it was so fun to watch them grow and change that way!
They are 10 days apart and SO much alike.  
 And a couple of shots from the wedding yesterday ...
Love this picture of Lucy holding my bouquet.
 And Lucy with the beautiful bride ... 
I'll show you more of those beauties tomorrow! :-)
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Share the Fun Friday: Link Party {#9}

Well, that's it.
This was officially THE. FASTEST. WEEK. EVER.
(Gee ... you think that could have something to do with the fact that it was my last week of summer vacation...?:)~
I have been busy working in my classroom, prepping for the family wedding this weekend, and trying to squeeze in my last free days with Lucy, so I have been a bad blogger and a bad blog stalker, too!  I miss seeing your projects, so I'm hoping lots of you will link them up NOW so that I can check 'em out and feel like I'm back in the loop! :-)

C'mon now and SHARE THE FUN!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Lovin'

With the family wedding last weekend .... and another coming up (at my house -- yikes!) this coming weekend, to say I have weddings on my mind is an understatement.
Sooooo ..... I decided to show you some wedding fabulosity I'm lovin' from around blogland today.

*Please click over to my "Wedded Bliss" Pinterest board for the direct sources to these awesome ideas!

I am just freaking out over these adorable ideas!
Which reminds me ..... friendly word of warning ..... looking at a lot of amazing wedding ideas REALLY makes you want to go back and get married all over again!
(To the same guy, of course!:)~

I'm lovin' ALL of these ideas!
From the signs.....

to the creative "guest books" .....

To the organizational ideas .....
To the personal touches ......
To the thoughtful favors .....

To the sweet treats .......
And lots of other fun ideas in between ......
And I'm just telling ya' right now .... if I could go back and re-do my wedding?  
I'd have THESE tables:
And THIS bouquet:
And I'd be doing it all in a BARN.
.... with my horses watching from the pasture.   
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Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rest of the Photo Shoot ....

Sunday, I showed you some shots from my first "photo shoot" with my niece, Mackenzie ....
Now, here are a few just-for-fun pics we took that day, too -- Lucy, of course, was close by and wanted to be in the middle of the action! :)~
(*I didn't take the extra time to do any editing on these like the ones from the previous post!)

Love this one of her and Andrea (another cousin!) sniffing the flower. :)~
And apparently, Lucy and Mackenzie are very good at being mirror images of each other!  SO CUTE! :-)

...And if you're wondering if I've completely fallen off the crafting wagon .... well, I kind of have.  But only because we have another family wedding coming up this weekend (at our house this time - yikes! - lots to do around here!), and I've been spending my free time in my classroom, getting things ready for my new batch of kinder cuties.
Things might be a lil' s-l-o-w around here for the next few weeks, but I'll do my best not to disappear completely, I promise! :-)
Just gotta get back in the groove of a new schedule again!

Thanks for hanging in there with me .... I still have to do a double-take when I check my blog statistics on occasion and realize that there are several THOUSAND people visiting Little Lucy Lu every day.
Kinda baffles me.
Ok, it REALLY baffles me.
But I sure do appreciate you!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First "Photo Shoot"

This was an exciting week for me in the land of photography.
I, by the way, don't have much business BEING in the "land of photography" -- I'm more like an annoying visitor there, I'm sure.
I have taken one online class (The Photographer's Workshop - found HERE), which I have mentioned (and highly recommended!) here before, but truth be told .... I still have at least a third of that material to finish, so I'm kind of a photography flunky at this point, I guess you could say!

This week, though .... I was thrilled (and kind of scared out of my mind) to take some senior photos for my adorable niece Mackenzie.  She and her mom assured me it was "just for fun", so we did have a whole lot of FUN -- and we got some pretty good shots out of the deal, too (at least I think so!).

Here are some of my favorites.....

What do you think....?  (And I'm not just fishing for compliments here ... I'd love some constructive criticism!)

And this little photo shoot wasn't the only big photography-related venture around here this week .... I also FINALLY got brave enough to try out my Photoshop Elements program!  (I am SO clueless, and I have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing .... but I'm having fun trying!)
I'll post some more about this later in the week .....

But for now -- if YOU have some favorite photos you'd like to share this week, please head over to Sweet Little Gals for the Sweet Little Photo Swap!