Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A few thoughts.

I know I promised you another giveaway today, but I'm gonna put that on hold 'til tomorrow for a few reasons.
First, I need a little more time to get the next giveaway organized (sheesh!  it's been kinda crazy around here this week ... just keeping up with the comments has kinda been a full-time job, if you know what I mean!).
Second, I want to give you a little more time to enter the Purple Lemon Designs custom stamp giveaway.  
It is just TOO GOOD to pass up!  
(If you already tweeted about the giveaway, you can tweet it again today ... and comment for an extra entry!)

And finally, I feel like I need to take a moment to thank many of you here - on my blog - for your sweet comments on my very personal Little Bit of Life this week.

Many of you took the time to comment on the post, to send emails, or to send personal facebook messages.
Some of you I know in my real life - many of you I do not.
Some of you even chose to remain anonymous whilst sharing your heartfelt stories with me - many of you I've been able to chat back-and-forth with.
But the majority of you are "noreply-commenters",which means I cannot reply to your sweet comments via email!  (If you want to change that, let me know --- I'll tell you how!)

That is what I'm doing now .... replying to all of you wonderful women who have taken the time to share words of kindness, support, and encouragement.
I know my story pales in comparison to many of your stories, infertility and otherwise.
But it is my struggle ..... and I thank you for letting me share it with you.
(My lesson in faith label has several other related posts you might be interested in reading!)

I found this lovely printable the other day on Pinterest .... (by the way, if any of you wants to be invited to join Pinterest, please let me know!)
This printable describes so many things that you all have done for me ....
you have been honest
you have been kind
you have comforted me
you have been proud of me
you have looked after me
you have loved me
and I am counting YOU in my blessings.

Thank you, friends.
Sending you all big hugs today!


  1. Beautiful printable, and something most of us need reminded of.

    I clicked your link to the stamp giveaway but it's a bad link. :(

  2. I hope all our stories can help you in some way that we can't foresee.

  3. I'm enjoying your blog! and I would LOVE to be invited to join Pinterest. Thanks!

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  5. i'm a new follower.
    i love that stamp, i also added it as a favorite on the etsy shop
    and pinned it on my pinterest.

    etsy shop: aschelseaseesit


    as chelsea sees it...

  6. I will keep your family in my prayers! I know you are going through a struggle, but your faith and loved ones will see you through. :) God Bless You!


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