Thursday, January 5, 2012

Introducing my 900th follower! {The ArtsyGirl Connection}

A couple of weeks ago ... I threw out an offer to feature my 900th (GFC) follower.
Little did I know my 900th follower was going to be THIS amazing!
Meet Marilyn, from The ArtsyGirl Connection!

Happiest Of New Year's Friends... I am OVER THE MOON to be here sharing with
you today from my space next door via The ArtsyGirl Connection.
I am Marilyn, the heart and creator of The ArtsyGirl Connection and really thankful to
be a guest here at Bec's INCREDIBLY Creative and Inspirational Space
'Little Lucy Lu'.. I am proud to be Bec's 900th member via GFC
*WOOHOO* Bec asked me to stop in and celebrate with a little post about me so hope
you enjoy my time here today and can stop in sometime and say hello.. Below is a bit
about me and a few of my favorite projects I've created and shared on my blog.. .. 
I'm a mother to two beautiful mini Moon's, engaged to my very best friend, craft addict,
pixel lover, upcycling junkie and a DIY trial and error chef in my own world!! I love indulging 
in creative outlets from crafting to enhancing our home over the season's and creating unique 
items for my children. I craft for cause and totally light up at any opportunity to help bring 
awareness where needed to various issues close to my heart.  I will LOVE to get to know 
you all and an opportunity to indulge in more future blog shenanigans sometime.. 
Hope you can all stop in and say hello..
A Few Of My Favorite Projects From 
I am a huge upcycling fanatic and LOVE to re-do things normally considered junk 
into fun artsy decor for my home. These are used bottles collected and decorated 
using paint, driftwood and flowers. It's one of my FAVORITE thing's 
I've created and shared via my blog.. 

A Special Christmas Soiree Featured Item
This is another upcycling project I made for Christmas, it features TP 
Roll's made into Christmas ornaments and stuffed with love notes 
and sweets. My family really enjoyed them.. 
Vintage Candy Cane Bottles
You guessed it... Another upcycling project I created for Halloween. These are
Vintage Candy Corn Bottles I created for decor from this past Halloween. They
turned out pretty festive and lovely for the seaaon.
I made these awesome place cards for Christmas Dinner this year. I have a zillion of corks
from years of collection and finally decided to start making use of them. It was a big hit
and everyone enjoyed the idea of having a special place holder and got to take them home!

I also indulge in a lot of fun Cause related events and would LOVE to share in
any you have got going on. Please certainly let me know and I will share and join in!
Want to share inspiration..? Stop in and visit sometime and lets get to know each other!
I would LOVE to get to know you all and share in some of your creativity featured in
your space. I sincerely appreciate you having me here today Bec. THANKS SO
VERY MUCH.. Wishing you and all your lovely friends here at Little Lucy Lu
The HAPPIEST OF NEW YEAR'S!! Cheer's To Success, Love and Creativity!

Thank you so much, Marilyn!  I'm sure my readers are gonna love ya'!
I'm SO happy to have you following my blog ... and I'm even happier to have a new bloggy friend!  


Thank you for your comments!
I love EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. :-)