Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Bit of Life: In the Dark

Last night,
just about the time I was starting dinner,
the power went out.

Lucy thought it was absolutely hilarious and spent the first few minutes laughing hysterically.
Scott built a fire in the fireplace (for light AND heat!).
And I was just irritated and hungry.
See?  A less-than-happy me.

After sitting in the dark for a few minutes, I asked, "well, what should we do now?"
Lucy's answer?
"Let's watch TOY STORY!" 
Of course that was her answer.
It is, after all, her answer to everything.

Sorry, sugar .... no power, no movies!

(This took her a few minutes to grasp.)

But she quickly recovered and decided to spend her time rolling around on the floor, laughing
using Mama as a jungle gym
...and thanks to the middle-of-nowhere,  hole-in-the-wall burger joint a few miles down the road ...
eating grilled cheese out of a styrofoam box by lantern light.


Her word, not mine.  

I sure am glad we have power again this morning.
I love light.
And heat.
And flushing toilets.

And sorry for this semi-pathetic, thrown-together-in-five-minutes post --- a Little Bit of (REAL) Life!


  1. Real life is always better! I feel for ya, been there done that lots of times. Looks like you made the best of it though and had fun too!

  2. Glad you got it back, Cuz--ever find out why you lost it? Dad and Sis never lost theirs?

    1. Nope! No clue!
      And even our neighbors had power!? So strange.

  3. It always happens right when you need it:)! Always! ha.

  4. I'm glad your power outage didn't last too long.

  5. I'm glad it's back now. I know PGE's number by heart and always have my 1970s corded phone handy! Yay country life!

    1. Haha! Yes, I WISH I knew PGE's number by heart ... lucky I had my trusty iPhone to look it up for me! :-) Growing up at the end of N.Abiqua was WAY worse than here .... living off of a main road here, our power is never out for long! Thank goodness! :)~

  6. I loved power outtages as a girl! Loved having to live by candle light for a night. Always ended up with my dad playing songs on his guitar and us kids playing board games with candlelight. FUN memories. :)

  7. I hate it when the power goes out, esp. right before shower time in the morning...seems like that's always when it happens!! Then you feel all grungy and yucky...ha!! We used to have fun though at my house growing up when the power went out. We had wood heat and kerosine lamps...I need to be ready like that now!! Looks like Lucy was a good sport!

  8. Hahaha....sorry the picture of you didn't even look like you! I know how you feel, this summer we had no power for two days due to a bad storm! I took the girls and headed three hours south to my mom's house for the week! :) Glad to hear you are seeing the light again. :)

  9. Lucy is toooo cute!!! Sounds like you guys made do without power :)


  10. Doesnt your toilet flush without power?

    1. Well, the toilets will flush ... but only once! Because then there is no water in them to flush ... (the well pump runs off of electricity!)


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