Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Bit of Life: What's in Lucy's Purse?

It's all fun and cuteness for today's Little Bit of Life.
(Note to self:  do not post a very personal story AND three giveaways in one week unless your email inbox is prepared for over 600 emails.  Wowee!  That was a little crazy!)

Lesson learned.

But welcome to a new (and undoubtedly, quieter) week around here!
 .... have you ever seen those Us Weekly articles about "What's in {some random celebrity's} handbag?"

Well .... on this here blog, Lucy is about the only celebrity we've got.

You just never know, really.  
It varies (greatly) from day to day.  
But this past weekend, on our shopping adventure, here is what could be found in her (high-fashion, Tangled-inspired) purse:
  • Apparently, we couldn't decide between Woody and Flynn Ryder (aka: Eugene), so we threw them both in.  (Personally, I'm just amazed Jessie (the cowgirl) wasn't in there!)
  • Blue sprinkles .... because you never know when you're going to find a naked cupcake, just begging for decoration.
  • One single, solitary block ....?  
  • My current favorite Essie nail polish (master plan).
  • Dora toothbrush .... Aunt Steph, the hygienist, would be proud. 
  • Guitar pick .... in case we run into Taylor Swift and she needs some backup.  
  • And my personal favorite .... the dirty sock, with 11 cents inside.  And might I add, that THIS was the item she insisted on holding in her hands the entire day. 

Apparently girlfriend needs a wallet.  Or maybe a coin purse.  


  1. I love this! My daughter went through a phase of carrying around plastic forks & spoons in her purse. It cracks me up what they get stuck on. Personally, I love the blue sprinkles!

  2. That is so sweet. I wonder what is in Cate's purse (my little granddaughter). She got the cutest little purse at her mama's shower Sat. It has her name on one side and "big sis" on the other. I love to see little girls with purses. Too cute.

  3. Scary isn't it?
    My Ellie always has plastic glasses.
    With no lenses in them.
    Just in case she needs to ....not see...???
    Oh and Woody and Jessie are always in attendance too. I shudder to think what her toys say about her/us when we leave the room. :)

    Great post!!!

  4. Oh this is great! The dirty sock with the 11 cents -now that's FUNNY! ;)

  5. i think lucy needs one of these :-)

    1. Best comment ever! This is HILARIOUS! :-)

  6. Your blog is just too cute. I have loved coming back since I found it a few days ago. Lucy is adorable. Also, I love in Beaverton, OR so it's fun for me that your cousin Tiffany is from Silverton. Are you from OR too?

    ~Christina @ Marriage from Scratch

  7. So made me smile :)

    Fruity Lemonade

  8. ha! this is just adorable! can our girls please be BFF?!


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