Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Bit of Life

Before I get to our Little Bit of Life for the day, I'm excited to tell you that I'm a guest contributor over at Inspired By Family Magazine today!

They contacted me after seeing my "40 Bags in 40 Days" challenge from last Spring, and asked if I would write a little article for their site.
If you've never been over there, you need to go check it out!  It's an online, Christian-based magazine with everything from craft ideas to recipes to party ideas (yep! pretty much just like a great blog!).
The article is called "Out with the old ... Inspiration for 2012" - (and they added in a little 40 bags printable if you want to print it out and take the challenge yourself! :-)
Head over for a visit - and tell them I sent ya'!

And now .....
A Little Bit of Life.  A simple, non-exciting, (hopefully) weekly story from our life around here in Little Lucy Lu Land.
(I have got to get better about putting more real life into this blog!)
See this?

This is what you call "the blind leading the blind" - HA!

Well, actually, it's Scott and Lucy .... "fixing" the garbage disposal.  Or rather, replacing the garbage disposal.

**Notice who's reading the instruction manual .....

We moved into our (newly constructed) house exactly eight years ago.  
And apparently, they don't make things quite like they used to (at least, that's what my dad says).  
Last year, it was the heat pump that went belly-up.  
And so far this year -- in the nine days since it's been this year, it's the garbage disposal's turn.  
I'm just thankful a replacement was only $100.  
Totally beats the $3000 we had to pay to fix the heat pump last year - in the hopes that the fix would stick!  (Fingers still crossed!)

But nonetheless, it was very entertaining watching these two, hard at work!
I love watching the two of them do just about anything together. :-)
He sure is!
Lucy is one lucky little lady.  
(And I'm one lucky big lady!)


  1. Don't ya hate it when you have to spend money on something like that? A couple years back we had to fix our garage door and spent money we weren't willing to spend on other fun stuff! Guess you got to do whatcha got to do.

    Hopefully that is your last fix for 2012:). Just found your blog on pinterest, actually from the 40 bags/40 days thing. So glad I stumbled upon it. So fun!

    Congrats on the article. Hope you'll stop by Plumberry Pie someday (I'm new at this and still learning).

  2. I love photos of everyday life. So cute.

  3. And I am still thankful for our wedding guests you hosted for us 8 years ago in your new house (and will never forget the boys moving the furniture in while it poured down rain)!

  4. I am hosting a 40 bags in 40 days {2012} link up party. Feel free to link up here:



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