Tuesday, January 3, 2012

OUT with the Advent, IN with the Family Rules!

(Did you all see my advent calendar last month ...?)
Well, if you did, you're about to see it again - and if you didn't, here's a little peek ....
You can click here if you want to go back and read the tutorial for that project, but now that it's not Christmastime anymore, I wanted to come up with an alternative use for my super cute old window frame and chicken wire!  

A "Family Rules" sign has been on my "projects to do" list for some time now, and I decided my cute chicken-wire-adorned frame might be the perfect spot for that project.  
So, I tucked the advent tags and pockets away 'til next year .... and got to work on a little repurpose!

First order of business:  come up with our family's rules!
Since our little family includes a three-year-old, I wanted to make them simple and applicable for HER.  
I decided on the following ..... 
Count Your Blessings
Say Your Prayers
Do Your Best
Say Please & Thank You
Tell The Truth
Say You're Sorry
Keep Your Promises
Love One Another

Sweet and simple, right?  

I printed them out on card stock (nope, I STILL don't have a Silhouette ... so pathetic!) and mounted them on several different pieces of craft paper (that all coordinate with the colors in my living room, where this will hang).  

That was easy.  

It took me a little longer to decide how to display the "Family Rules" title .... 
I sat in my craft room and looked around .... and there was the burlap.  
So, I made a simple little burlap bunting.
I used a piece of tagboard as a guide and cut out the "flags" using my rotary cutter.
 Then I hot-glued a piece of hemp twine along the backs, stringing them all together.
 I had some super-cute letter stickers from the craft store (though my selection was pretty picked over, so I had to make a few of my own "stickers" with card stock and regular alphabet stickers, too!)
 I LOVE the way these finished off my little banner.  
So cute!
Put it all together (with some mini clothespins!), and this is what I ended up with ....

 (.... and a couple shots with a darker background)

Moral of this story....?
A "Family Rules" sign doesn't have to be a SIGN (and this way, I can add to these, change them, etc!).
And .... I think everybody needs a cool old chippy window frame and some chicken wire!
Advent calendar ..... Family Rules ..... just a plain ol' photo display (which is how mine originally started) ..... the possibilities are endless! :-)
Are you convinced??? :-)


  1. Great idea! The Advent calendar was too cute to just pack away until next year!

  2. I LOVE this!! I actually like this better than the other family rules signs I've seen since you can change out the sayings to fit your family at that moment. Perfect! And I agree...we all need a chippy window and chicken wire. :)

  3. This looks wonderful! Great way to change out the rules as and when they need updating.

  4. I JUST love this idea! It's fun, and my husband would LOVE it! :) Keep all the ideas flowing! I'm LOVING them!

  5. This is great, Bec! Love it! I Love how you can change them if you want. :) Pinning it. xoxo

  6. This is darling Bec!! I wanted to make a chicken wire frame for my Christmas cards this year but just never ended up having the time to put it together. Now I have the chicken wire sitting in a corner still wanting to be used. LOVE YOUR idea!

  7. I love this! How did I miss it before? It is darling as an advent, but I would definitely want to display this all year! I love your family rules! I'm off to figure out how you made this beauty.

  8. HI! did you know the CSI site has a link-up about "re-doing" Christmas items into things you can use now! You should enter is so great! Love your blog too!

  9. I'm doing a Family Rules project this month on my blog in the traditional way but I'm linking to this to show people a great alternative. Thanks!

  10. This is an absolutely DARLING idea! I loved your advent, but I'm loving your family rules sign, too! I want one!

  11. Super cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I love this! Repurposing you Advent Calendar!! Love it! Visiting via The Creative Spark

  13. LOVE this! The burlap is perfect!! Would love for you to link up to our "UNCOMMONLY YOURS" link party!

  14. This is darling! So creative and it's great that you can add and change as you like!

    xo ~ kristi

  15. Great switch up!
    You should totally link up here (not even my link party :)
    But it's all about revamping Christmas stuff--

  16. This is a great idea! I would love for you to share this at my I ♥ Fridays Link Party @ :)

  17. So cute and I love how you just switched it out. You can do this for all holidays and events. Clever!!!!
    I am starting the CSI Project Forum today so crafters can gather and talk. You can get support there as we talk about our goals for 2012.
    Come by and register. It is FREE!
    I would love it if you would share with your readers too!!!
    The first 50 people to register could win giveaways from our forum sponsors.

    Dee, the CSI Girl

  18. I love your Family Rules sign. I hope that you will share it at my party, Some Good Stuff:


  19. So cute i just made a chicken wire frame for my gallery wall I'm working on. Thanks for the inspiration :) Happy Blogging

  20. I absolutely LOVE this and have the perfect place to make one of our own. Thank you so much for sharing your projects!

  21. What a fun variation of the family rules sign and a great way to re-use your awesome frame!! Thanks so much for linking up to The Creative Spark. I'll be featuring this tomorrow. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best in 2012 {i loved the picture of Lucy with Santa!}
    Jenn :)

  22. Just wanted to say, I gave you some love today at my blog:

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