Friday, January 27, 2012

Share the Fun Friday (3)

Hooray for another Friday!
I'm excited to share some of my favorites from the week .... but first:  we have a GIVEAWAY WINNER to announce!
One last HUGE thank you to Brandy of baybee-dahl boutique for giving one lucky reader a new bit of burlap awesomeness!
SO CUTE!  Be sure to remember Brandy's sweet shop for all of your future burlap banner needs!!!
And the winner is ....

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... who left this comment:

SaraJan 21, 2012 05:40 PM
Added shop to favorites!! Now you are making ME want to do a giveaway too! ;)

Congratulations, Sara!  Please email me so that I can get your info!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now for some other FUN stuff!
Have you noticed washi tape EVERYWHERE!?  
I love it!  
And I love these jars covered in it, too!  

I am totally in love with this idea for a Valentine Advent Countdown ....

Hmmmm .... I wonder if I could manage to bake these mini apple pies (in a jar!)
What a fun gift this would be!

And speaking of things I can't do (bake pies!), how about sewing!?
I think I might even be able to pull of these adorable felt heart bookmarks.  

Lucy loves rock collecting ... and I saw this idea and instantly knew we had to do it!
I can't wait to let her paint rocks with me -- and I'm thinking we'll add some Bible verse references on the back -- and leave them in random places for people to find!  
So fun!

And last but not least, in case you haven't heard, Google Friend Connect will be disappearing in the near future .... (I know.  EVERYTHING is changing around here!  I'm SO NOT excited about it.)
Anyway.  Songbird blog has a great series on blog-following alternatives.  Go check it out!

I hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!  I am just enjoying the SUN today!!!
Rainy Oregon gets a wee bit depressing this time o' year!


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS??? I really won? I'm SO excited! ;) I just LOVE all of the ideas you shared today...I need to find that washi tape...I have some but that stuff is incredibly darling!! ;) I used to collect rocks like crazy when I was little...still love 'em, but just haven't really had a chance to recently...go Lucy!~

  2. thanks for sharing these darling items! so fun!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing my apple pies!! :)

  4. love these ideas! so cute. thanks for sharing. happy friday!!
    Enjoy some sun for me:) - it's a gray day in MI!

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